Just looking at these stills makes me want to cry!Each one is so sadistic that it hurts. Which one do you cry for

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In addition to the sweet and Happy Happy Ending (HE), there are also many dramas with sad Bad Ending (BE) in Korean dramas, and sometimes the Ending of Bad Ending is longer.Today, let’s talk about the Bad Ending CP that made the audience heartbroken.”May Youth”, everyone who watched the play, there is no crying!!It is the most cruel story in 2021. The lovers played by Li Zhuo Xian and Gao Minshi are actually very sweet in the early stage, but because of that particular turbulent era, all feelings are luxuries, and ordinary two people will eventually be involved in the long river of history, becoming the most insignificant insignificant worm.Let the audience see how sweet in the early stage, later cried how miserable, really like teasing the scriptwriter “in the end how much hatred with the audience ah? Have to torture us to death?”They only spent a May, the rest of the 41 May only he a person through!Red Edge in Sleeves is the first drama finale in 2022. Although history has revealed the plot of Jeongjo (Lee Jun-ho) and Yibin Seong (Lee Se-young) to the audience, the scriptwriter can completely stop without really putting the death of Deokren in front of the audience.Although many netizens think that the best ending is for Jeongjo to never forget Deokim, as fans of the drama, we actually prefer the stereotypical everlasting HE.Who has the guts to watch Mr Sunshine a second time?The United States soldiers Cui Yu zhen (Lee Byung-hun ornaments) and South Korea two classes of miss Gao Aixin (Kim Tae-li ornaments), in the troubled times meet, love, but also doomed to be unable to stay together for life.The story not only revolves around love, but also the love of family and country, reminding the audience of where home comes without country.”One hundred million stars from the sky” the original Japanese drama is already the ceiling level is difficult to surpass, but Korean drama brings us not the same delicate atmosphere, ruffian Xu Renguo plays melancholy, more than a casual helpless, it is this seemingly indifferent attitude just more people feel sorry.Moon Lovers – Step by step: Beautiful as a classic Korean drama, I would like to ask who did not cry for the “Four tree CP”?Kuangshi abuse love!!”Arbitrary attachment” how to describe this play, is the early stage slowly abuse, in the late period is tearing the heart crack lung abuse, the outcome of the abuse to a new height in the history of Korean drama, but every scene is so beautiful, the United States abuse wind originator!!Soo-ji and Kim Yu-bin, I really want to see you two work together on another sweet drama to make up for the heartbreak of the fans of “Random Attachment”.Business cooperation please send a private letter to the background: “Business cooperation”