Just 48 days after 2022, five celebrity couples divorced, Wu Qian divorced on Valentine’s Day, and Du Shen officially announced their marriage

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I didn’t think, REALLY!Du Haitao and Shen Mengchen suddenly official marriage.Du haitao and his girlfriend announced their marriage at 6:13 PM on Monday, Shen mengchen’s birthday.But in this entertainment circle, there are often stars suddenly official publicity of the news is very much, not can hear good news, but also can see sadness from time to time.This year, a lot of celebrities got married, but couples also got divorced. Some people are happy and some people are worried. Here are some stories about what happened in the 48 days of 2022.Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming and actress Yang Ying announced their divorce on The afternoon of Jan 28, ending their seven-year marriage by writing on their micro blog that “the future is still family”.Huang xiaoming and Yang Ying met in 2009 and got married in 2015, a wedding that shocked the entertainment industry for half a century.Throughout Huang Xiaoming, from before marriage to after marriage, has been to divorce, maintain the image of a vice domineering president, he is really very careful to Yang Ying, they have a child “small sponge”, but it is still worth 7 years itch.After divorce, the situation of the two is also completely different, Yang Ying side scenery is infinite, with high appearance level, high popularity, in addition to serving as the Spring Festival gala host, she also had a figure in the Lantern Festival party.Instead, huang xiaoming is unknown, but does not seem to be very good, in recent days, but also because with rulu fitness issued “ice mound mound” weibo, and be mistaken for an affair between two people, to this, rulu also responded: “what a mess” though divorced, the couple also one joy a man sick ah.Actress Wu Qian posted a picture of her and her daughter on her Weibo account on Feb 14, with the post “Single Girls’ Valentine’s Day Party” announcing her divorce from Zhang Yujian.Tell about this couple, two people from acquaintance to marriage to divorce but 3 years, it can be said is a period of love.In November 2019, the two met because of filming the Night of Tang Dynasty, the two people fell in love in the play has been the beginning of the clue, Wu Qian played the female one, and Zhang Yujian played the male two kiss scene up to more than 300 times, and the male hero almost become passers-by.In 2019, the two were spotted at an airport together, and it was later revealed that they were married.In 2021, Wu Qian and Zhang Yujian official xuan son, make over a year, two people announced divorce.This couple really does not have any waves, originally was very optimistic about a pair of netizens, had a child marriage but also maintain 2 years, a sigh.After the divorce, on Valentine’s Day this year, Wu Qian announced the news of divorce on weibo, and also got a lot of support from netizens, and got a lot of blessings.Zhang Yujian, on the other hand, was criticized by netizens as nothing, more was scolded “lower male”.Two people seem sweet, the contradiction behind may have long been deep-rooted.On February 10, King Lu Pengxing announced her marriage. Her real name is Shen Xia, and she is the host of “You Can Be Wonderful”. On January 10, this year, her boyfriend Lu Pengxing proposed to her, and on February 10, they officially announced their marriage.King is a very popular program host. As soon as she got married, many stars in the circle, including Yang Zi and Liu Yan, sent their blessings to her.Lv Pengxing, her husband, is an actor. He is young and has a brother-sister relationship with your Majesty. He once appeared on “Very Perfect” as a male guest.It is said that Lu Pengxing, a handsome man, proposed marriage to your Majesty after two years of careful preparation. He finally proposed marriage on January 10 this year.Two people get married after the wedding, is also a happy event, leaving only blessings.On February 10 of this year, there are several pairs of stars in the entertainment circle have released wedding news, Zhang Moon and Jin Ensheng is one of them.On October 10, Jin Eun-sheng posted his marriage certificate to Zhang Meng on weibo, and posted: “Finally married you, let’s hold hands and grow old together!”Then Zhang Meng replied, “I am finally married to you, my good husband.”Two people have been sent a document to sweet.Kim first popped the question in December last year, but it took a lot of setbacks for the couple to finally tie the knot.Know Kim Eun-sung also known as “small 5”, early in the “Day day up” program when the host, later because of the “Ban on Korean order”, back to Korea for military service, the result of career is not good, gradually no news.Zhang Meng was also in the positive force holding, but it has been questioned that the face of the knife, and then gradually faded out of the entertainment circle.The couple was once suspected of having a mistress in their relationship, but the news of their marriage was finally broken, and netizens are also giving their best wishes.Du Haitao and Shen Mengchen officially announced their wedding today, February 17 at 6:13 PM. They happily posted their marriage certificate with the caption: “Magpies in the sky call darling”.Du haitao and Shen Mengchen went public with their relationship in 2015, when Shen was a new TV host.In 2021, Du Haitao published the results of the good news, said that will be married at the end of April, Du Haitao did not respond to the marriage was the net storm Shen Mengchen support, then in May, Du Haitao and a woman hand shopping.Then it was reported that Du Haitao Shen Mengchen suspected to break up with each other, and two people released a sweet photo force broken hearsay.The couple didn’t officially announce their marriage until February.Du Haitao and Shen Mengchen love 9 years, in the face of being urged marriage, once also was once spread a lot of gossip, but 2 people still stand up eventually.As a good friend, Wu Xin, Li Weijia, Zheng Kai and others are also the first time to send blessings.This year is really a big year for weddings. On February 10 alone, four celebrity couples, including some from home and abroad, announced their weddings.However, while many people are intoxicated with happiness, some stars also officially announced their divorce, let’s just say that some people are happy and some people are worried.However, in the entertainment industry, such a story is happening every day, as the audience, is also watching, just for fun.