Huangshan New morning hospital latest medical tips

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The latest diagnosis and treatment of Huangshan Xinchen Hospital indicates that the epidemic situation in China is characterized by sporadic and partial outbreaks, and the prevention and control situation is complex and severe. In view of this, our hospital carries out outpatient, emergency, hospitalization and other diagnosis and treatment services as usual, and makes every effort to ensure the safety of medical treatment and diagnosis to escort your health.According to the latest epidemic prevention and control policy of Huangshan City, “For people coming from outside Huangshan city, they should hold the nucleic acid test negative certificate within 48 hours before boarding or boarding the bus, and take a nucleic acid test immediately upon arrival in Huangshan city”. Based on the actual situation of our hospital, we hereby offer the following warm tips:1. All patients from outside Huangshan city or patients and their family members with travel history outside Huangshan city within 14 days shall come to our hospital based on nucleic acid test report of medical institutions in Huangshan city within 48 hours.To enter the hospital, nucleic acid test report, health code, travel code, temperature measurement, keep a safe distance when visiting the hospital, and wear a mask.Those without health code, travel code or nucleic acid test report should cooperate with the hospital to complete the epidemiological investigation, and be guided by the staff to the nucleic acid collection department of our hospital for nucleic acid test, and then go to the hospital with the test report.2. Patients with epidemiological history and ten symptoms (fever, sore throat, cough, nasal congestion, runny nose, conjunctivitis, loss of smell and taste, myalgia, fatigue, diarrhea) and red or yellow code should go to fever clinic directly.3. Patients undergoing endoscopic diagnosis and treatment, lung function measurement, stomatology, outpatient surgery and other medical procedures with aerosol exposure risk should present negative nucleic acid test report within 48 hours.4. Patients in critical condition shall not be restricted by the above conditions, go to the emergency department for treatment at any time, and carry out the measures of rescue, nucleic acid detection and epidemiological investigation at the same time;Family members must abide by epidemic prevention and control measures.All newly hospitalized patients and accompanying personnel shall present negative nucleic acid test reports of medical institutions in Huangshan within 48 hours.Nucleic acid tests were performed again 24 hours after hospitalization and once a week thereafter.Visiting is declined during hospitalization. If it is not necessary, an attendant must be fixed. Inpatients and escorts must wear masks when moving in the corridor of the ward.Patients are strictly forbidden to leave the hospital during hospitalization.The above prevention and control measures will bring inconvenience to the patients who come to the hospital, please understand and support!Epidemic prevention and control is everyone’s responsibility!Huangshan Xinchen Hospital, No. 20, Huancheng North Road, Huizhou District, Huangshan City, ChinaHuangshan city town worker is basic medical treatment insurance fixed point hospital huangshan city urban and rural residents basic medical insurance fixed point hospital huangshan city characteristic discipline – the brotherhood of microsurgical integrity of private hospitals in anhui province is China’s ping an property insurance co., LTD. Cooperation hospital zheshang enterprise fixed-point hospital unit of member of couplet of the anorectal specialist hospital medical hospital disciplines:A complete range of disciplines and majors,With bone (the brotherhood of microscopic, spine, joints, trauma), surgery, urology, anorectal (general), neurosurgery, internal medicine (digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, endocrine), obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, rehabilitation medicine, regions, emergency medicine, intensive medicine (ICU), dental, dermatology, anaesthesia, hemodialysis, clinical laboratory medicine, medicineImaging (magnetic resonance, CT, DR), functional (color ultrasound, ecg, lung function, bone density, hearing), health examination and other disciplines.