A 93-year-old man was invited to watch the movie changjin Lake and cried: “I am Wu Qianli.

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If someone asks which is the most moving movie of 2021, many viewers will name “Changjin Lake” with unanimous agreement.The release of the film let many people understand that period of history, scenes of solemn and stirring infected the audience, many audience tears shed in the cinema, and an old man said after watching the film, he is the prototype of Wu Qianli in the film.At 93 years old, he probably wouldn’t have gone to the cinema if the government hadn’t invited him.Accompanied by his daughter, he went to the cinema to see the film, which tells a history closely related to the old man’s experience.The highly restored war scenes in the film, all of a sudden let the old man full of emotion, as if back to that war-torn era.In the film, Wu Qianli, played by Wu Jing, has extraordinary ability and wisdom, as well as the brave spirit of courageously killing the enemy. Such a distinctive character has left a deep impression on the audience.There are many different characters in the film who can find the prototype, and the old man claimed that he was the prototype of Wu Qianli after watching the film.The daughter who accompanied her had no idea that her father had such a glorious history and heroic deeds.The old man’s name is Li Changyan. He was born in 1928, a time of war.Like millions of ordinary people, Li changyan grew up in a poor family and often went hungry without food.Although he also wanted to go to school with a backpack, because his family was poor, Li Changyan did not have enough economic conditions, so he had to work in the landlord’s home to help the family.But the poor family circumstances, rough fate, and did not let Li Changyan pour out the patriotic flame in the heart, he realized that only become a soldier, to complete the wish of protecting home and country.At the age of 16, Li Changyan set foot on the road of joining the army with the ideal of patriotic saving the country.Although Lee chang-yeon did not go to school, he had excellent combat ability. After only a month of training, he was promoted and sent to the front.Although it is the first time to board the battlefield, but Li Changyan did not disappoint the superior leadership of his trust and reuse, his brave spirit has also been reflected in the battlefield.Every soldier on the battlefield is very brave, Li Changyan is the first rushed in the front.It was because of his bravery and outstanding ability that Lee was quickly promoted.Lee Chang-eon, who has been promoted, is even more confident and brave in battles both large and small.The difficult liberation war finally drew a satisfactory full stop with our army’s victory, and at this time of Li Changyan has become an excellent soldier, but also when the monitor.In 1950, Lee came to the battlefield to fight against the U.S. and aid Korea.In November of that year, Li Changyan was appointed chief of the four lianlian, at the age of 22.The harsh conditions of the Korean battlefield, especially the extremely cold temperatures, brought great trouble to the soldiers.At that time, our army was not adequately prepared, which also brought great obstacles to our soldiers’ fighting.However, Li changyan set a good example for the soldiers. He always actively faced the tasks assigned by the leaders and was able to quickly develop a perfect battle plan.At that time, Li Changyan received orders from his superiors to advance reconnaissance while protecting the brother troops to cross the river safely.After arriving at the position, Li Changyan quickly found that the position was extremely unfavorable to our troops. The enemy had already occupied the higher mountains, and if our troops moved forward rashly, it was very likely that they would be discovered by the enemy.However, the difficulties did not let Lee chang-yan back, he immediately based on the current terrain, the battle strategy.Li Changyan and his instructor each took a group of men to advance from the left and right sides and quickly attacked the enemy’s position.But the Americans, who were no strangers, immediately sensed the danger and used flares to detect it.The soldiers were lying on the ground under the command of Lee Chang-yan. The bad news came from the front. Each American soldier was equipped with advanced automatic equipment, while our soldiers were holding rifles captured during the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression.The weapons gap did not deter Mr. Lee, but the death of his instructor fueled his anger.In the battle, he was hit by a stray bullet in the waist, but he did not flinch. He held up the wound with his belt and continued to charge ahead.The commander of the U.S. polar bear unit was shot and killed due to the Korean soldiers’ heroism, but Lee Chang-eun was also seriously wounded on the battlefield.Lee chang-yan did not follow his commander’s orders, but remained on the battlefield to command the operation.The outcome of the battle was brutal, with American casualties and the blood and lives of our volunteers.Of all the soldiers of the four companies, only Li Chang-yan survived and left the battlefield severely wounded.Although Li changyan told his family stories about the war, he never talked about his military achievements.We admire Lee changyan’s courage and modesty, and thank the filmmakers for bringing the old man’s story to the screen.