Spring Festival fitness open!Chongqing Spring Festival home fitness activities lead the “cloud” fitness boom

2022-04-28 0 By

Online sports cloud together, Spring Festival fitness open.Since the launch of chongqing Spring Festival home fitness series activities in January, it continues to set off a sports upsurge in the cloud, driving home fitness to become a new fashion during the festival, and injecting full health and vitality into the general public’s Spring Festival holiday.”I always have the habit of exercising, and I signed up for this activity as soon as it was launched.”Jiang wei, who lives in Shapingba district, not only got involved, but also called on his friends to do the same.Xu LAN, the mother of jianguan’s three-year-old baby, was also one of the participants. “It’s a good experience for families to do sports together. They can fully feel the integration of family cooperation and emotional experience, which is a good parent-child activity.”According to statistics, as of the afternoon of February 6th, this activity has attracted more than 8000 people to participate, further enrich the cultural and sports life of the citizens, and create a healthy, happy, serene and happy festive atmosphere.To popularize the national fitness knowledge, improve the level of scientific fitness, the event also set up a scientific fitness “cloud” classroom with project practice, has invited many excellent national social sports instructors explain for everybody yoga, rope skipping, boxing, and so on more than 10 different fitness skills and scientific method of the project, also continuously updated during the Spring Festival, called for active,In good health and condition to meet the New Year’s work and challenges, unlock more interesting sports and exercise skills.Mainstream media, the community is widely concerned about “this activity not only enrich the form of exercise, but also online to expand the fitness exhibition space, to a certain extent to meet the social needs of a part of the fitness, subtly promote the development of national fitness.City social sports center related person in charge said, in this sense, the home fitness activities not only created the atmosphere of the national fitness, at the same time through the way of advancing with The Times, the popularization of the national fitness knowledge, and further enhance the level and connotation of the national fitness.China sports daily new media set-top campaign at the same time, this activity has been the mainstream media and citizens of positive attention, so far, the event dello sport in China, chongqing daily, the upstream news and other mainstream media and the districts and counties in the city sports bureau and all levels of society forward, the club’s support, so the cumulative release of more than 80 reports, echo is very warm,The effect continued to ferment, and many citizens spontaneously reprinted in the circle of friends, clocking.There is only one week left in this activity, please pay attention to the wechat official account of “Chongqing Social Sports”, reply to “Home Fitness”, show your fitness video, and win the rich and practical fitness equipment such as pull device, yoga hoop, hula hoop!