“Red Dock Head”, a full-length novel by perennial local writer Peng Tao, has been shortlisted for the Fang Zhimin Literature Prize

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2021 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of China, sponsored by the jiangxi province writers association, shangrao municipal party committee propaganda department of the communist party of China, the people’s literature magazine provides academic support, the communist party of China (a native of the county, the people’s government liansheng, the communist party of China (HengFeng, hengfeng county people’s government to undertake the second square ambition the quick prize for literature, since the announcement in October 2021,By the deadline of November 31, 2021, a total of more than 180 submissions have been received. The full-length novel Red Woodhead written by Peng Tao, a local writer in Wanian County, has been shortlisted for fang Zhimin Literature Prize.Red Wutou is a heroic story that reflects the armed struggle between wannian people and kuomintang reactionaries in Wutou village, Wannian Peimei Town, under the leadership of proletarian revolutionist Fang Zhimin during the great Revolution, and finally wins the victory of wutou uprising.Praised the thousands of people in the leadership of Fang Zhimin, one after another, shed blood, not afraid of sacrifice of the revolutionary spirit.The author of this book has spent 5 years, the footprints in Yiyang, Guixi, million three counties, everywhere looking for the descendants of the heroes who participated in the insurrection at the head of the river, digging and sorting out a large number of historical data, reproducing the historical background of the year, highlighting the brilliant image of proletarian revolutionaries Fang Zhimin martyr.The book was recognized by Fang Mei, the daughter of martyr Fang Zhimin, and wrote the preface for the book herself.Peng Tao, pen name Jin Fu, formerly known as Bai Ding.Born in Wanian County, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province, member of CPC, member of Jiangxi Writers Association, member of Chinese music and literature, member of Chinese Poetry Association.