“People first, fight rain and snow” Hefei overnight snow removal viaduct bridge normal traffic

2022-04-28 0 By

It snowed in Hefei last night.The reporter learned on February 7 that the Hefei Municipal Administration began patrol around 12:30 am at night, and began emergency operations around 2:00 am. Up to now, the shovel and snow removal work is still continuing.
As of 6:30 am on The 7th, hefei Municipal Administration dispatched 140 emergency personnel, including 41 comprehensive snow throwers, 13 graders, five loaders, 12 patrol vehicles and 234 tons of snow melting agent.At present, the main line of the viaduct is normal, there is a small amount of snow on both sides of the bridge collision wall, the emergency teams are still fighting in the emergency line.Please keep out of the way of emergency snow removal vehicles.(Reporter Tan Meiling)