Kim Jong-guk was diagnosed and his agency cancelled all his trips

2022-04-28 0 By

The number of confirmed cases in South Korea has exceeded 50,000 in a single day, and the situation in the entertainment industry is getting worse. Following the confirmation of Lee Ji-hoon and Tablo, member of Epik High, Kim Jong-guk, member of “Running Man,” was also announced to win the bid. He is also a breakthrough case of infection and has already received two doses of vaccine.Kim jong-kook’s management Company TURBO JK Company said in a statement that Kim jong-kook received a positive COVID-19 diagnosis on Friday. “He had a slight cold on Friday, so he voluntarily took a quick screening test at home.According to the company, Kim jong-guk has received two doses of vaccine, and his physical condition is not abnormal, but he will cancel his trip and go into quarantine in accordance with the policy of relevant quarantine authorities.The company promised that “the company will do its best to help Kim jong Kuk recover and will put the safety and health of the artist as the top priority.”Kim jong-guk is in charge of several regular programs. “Running Man” and “My Kid” also said earlier, “There is no filming schedule for next week.”There is no filming schedule for my Child, and the quarantine period in South Korea has been shortened to seven days. If Kim jong-guk recovers well, the schedule of the program will not be affected.