Is the earthquake a shear wave or a longitudinal wave?

2022-04-28 0 By

Speaking of the earthquake, I believe that we are not unfamiliar, the earth between plate and plate extrusion collision, causing plate edge and plate internal dislocation and rupture, is the main cause of the earthquake.So, when an earthquake occurs, is the shear wave first or the longitudinal wave?Let’s analyze it together.When the earthquake is the first transverse wave or longitudinal wave when the earthquake first longitudinal wave, after a few seconds to more than ten seconds to feel a strong horizontal shaking, so at the beginning of the earthquake, generally people first feel up and down, after a few seconds to more than ten seconds to feel a strong horizontal shaking, this time period is the best evacuation period.The so-called p-wave refers to the influence of transverse wave and longitudinal wave, wave propagation direction is the same as the direction of particle vibration wave, such as sound waves, the vibration of the sound source around the compressed air, because air elastic, rebound, continue to pressure the surrounding air, it will form like spring vibration son reciprocating motion, thus to wave transmission and damage is relatively small,It’s the best time to escape.Shear wave refers to the direction of propagation wave and particle vibration direction of the vertical wave, it refers to as a result of the particle vibration to drive around the particles follow it to do the same vibration, the vibration curve of approximate sine curve, so destructive than p-wave, should how to escape in case of earthquake, earthquake don’t always think about the first escaped to the empty place,Because if it is the first floor, but if it is a high floor, it is impossible to escape, so the first thing to do is to protect his head, can escape under the table, and then try to escape after the strong earthquake.Remember, do not take any chances, in the earthquake to choose to jump out of the window, the survival rate of this kind of escape is almost zero.