During The Three Kingdoms period, Xiahou Dun had no military merit, but why was he so high in cao Wei?

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Among the three famous generals, Xiahou Dun is the most special one.For a long time, he was the chief general of the Cao Camp, ranking second only to Cao Cao himself in the Cao army.In addition, the rulers of wei and Jin dynasties all said that he was the “minister of Yuan merit”. Some ministers even appraised that cao Cao and cao Cao had conquered the kingdom of Wei.However, search through the history books, this sounds like a great contribution to the “yuan meritorious minister”, and really can not find what to take action to the war.Several campaigns, but also are more defeated than less.What’s going on here?Special generals In uncertain times loyalty is more important than ability.The “chief generals” of The Three Kingdoms all had an unusual personal relationship with their lords.Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and Liu Bei were “Enruo brothers”.Zhou Yu, Sun Ce and Sun Quan were “loyal to Kings and ministers on the outside, but close to blood and blood on the inside”. The relationship between zhou Yu and Sun Ce went beyond the normal relationship between superiors and subordinates.In his early years, zhang Fei, who was not mature enough, lost His wife to Xuzhou, but Liu Bei did not blame him.Because, if “a thousand troops are easy to get, one will be hard to find”, then, such a “brother” is to lose one less one, but also can not find.Such “brothers” are naturally superior to general generals.Compared with Liu Bei and Sun Quan, cao Cao trusted Marquis Cao of Zhu Xia who had a true brotherly relationship.Since the beginning of Cao Cao’s army, Zhu Xiahou Cao participated in the recruitment, death and death, as a partner of Cao Cao group.Yue Jin, Yu Jin, Xu Huang and others who joined later were real “employees”.Therefore, regardless of the merit, the status of the xia Hou Cao was naturally higher than that of the other generals.And in all xiahou Cao, Xiahou Dun’s position is the most special.The xiahou Cao were linked by clan ties.Xiahou Dun’s clan position in the xiahou Cao to a certain extent determines his position in the clan generals.Therefore, in spite of cao Ren’s outstanding achievements, when the 26th Army was stationed in the nest, Cao Ren was still under Xiahou Dun’s “supervision”.And it never seemed possible that Xiahou Dun could pass.As a partner, Xiahou Dun’s contribution should not be counted by pure military achievements.On the battlefield, cao Ren, Xia Houyuan, Zhang Liao, Yu Ban, if not enough, can also find someone.And what Xiahou Dun did, no one else can replace.Dinghai Shenneedle Cao Cao from Yanzhou, the land of the four wars.As a result, cao Cao was in a dangerous position in the rear. Without loyal and capable generals in the rear, It was impossible for Cao Gong to attack.Xiahou Dun was cao Cao’s shenhai in the rear.When Cao Cao attacked Xuzhou, fought Guandu, and marched hebei, Xiahou Dun sat in the rear to guard against threats from other directions.In his early days, Xiahou Dun’s mission was halting and he was held hostage for a time, but on the whole he was able to give Cao Cao a secure rear.To establish a secure rear, Xiahou Dun’s work had gone far beyond that of a general.Xiahou Dun not only had the title of general, but also held various positions of local officials.Cao Cao was in charge of Yanzhou, xiahou Dun was prefect of East Prefecture.Later, Xiahou Dun served as prefect of Chenliu and Jiyin. With the expansion of Cao Cao’s territory, Xiahou Dun served as Yin of Henan.Xiahou Dun’s service, therefore, was no longer judged by his general’s office alone.And these jobs, to the development of Cao Cao group is playing a key role.At the end of the Han Dynasty, the biggest problem troubling Cao Cao’s development was food.Due to the lack of food, cao Cao had to disband the newly recruited soldiers and soldiers, and even planned to take refuge with Yuan Shao.In order to solve this problem, Cao Cao relied on the construction of public land in Xudu and on the construction of local land in Chenliu and other places.The main solution is the problem of military grain, and local construction, it is possible to solve the food problem of the people, so that Cao District rich, stable.Xiahou Dun cut off too long water to make PI, personally bearing soil, the rate of soldiers to persuade the planting of paddy fields, to help Cao Cao through the food crisis.These credits, although not as good as the general capture flag general “wind”, but “sufficient troops and food” is the economic basis for Cao Cao to dominate the world.The situation in the rear became more complicated after cao Cao united the rear to “coerce the son of Heaven to order the princes”.In the rear, there were not only those who supported Cao Cao, but also those who supported Emperor Xian, and even those who vacillated.Xiahou Dun, sitting in the rear, not only had to prevent other warlords, but also had to deal with various conflicts in the rear.Although xiahou Dun was born in the army, he was good at learning. He often asked his teachers personally and kept good relations with the scholars.Xiahou Dun and frugal, to get their own reward to the soldiers, to the heart of the soldiers.Therefore, when Cao Cao’s relatives were in Xudu and Cao PI was in Yecheng, plots against cao’s family took place, but during Xiahou Dun’s reign in the rear, there was no great turmoil.This is naturally inseparable from Xiahou Dun’s performance.Xiahou Dun’s contribution to cao’s army construction is also irreplaceable.In that year, Cao Cao was defeated by Xu Rong, so he went to Yangzhou together with Xiahou Dun to recruit soldiers and rebuild the armed forces.Since then, Xiahou Dun with its vision, personal charm, discovered many talents.Dian Wei, originally under xiahou Dun’s account.Because of its number of beheading meritorious, xiahou Dun recommended cao Cao.He became a top fighter.Han Hao, originally under Yuan Shu for riding capital lieutenant, Xiahou Dun personally visited the door, dug over, later became the central guard army, cao army important general.In addition, Xiahou Dun maintained a close personal relationship with tian Chou, a hermit, and tried unsuccessfully to get him to leave the mountain.Only from the records of The Three Kingdoms, xiahou Dun discovered and recommended talents in cao Cao’s camp, second only to Xun Yu and Cao Cao himself.In terms of military merit, Xiahou Dun did not have the merit to make a move.No one, however, but Cao Cao himself, was more important to the Cao Clique than Xiahou Dun.Why did the Wei regime finally perish?It was not that Deng Ai, Guo Huai and Wu Qiujian were inferior to Zhang Liao and Xu Huang, but that there was no xiahou Dun in the rear.Should not, therefore, Xiahou Dun have special privileges and status?