Dragon teng Tiger Yue yuanxiao!Guangdong SATELLITE TV to accompany you to enjoy the lingnan yuan snack

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Lanterns qiao, sweet dumplings, after the Lantern Festival is over the year!Guangdong SATELLITE TV will continue the “happy momentum” of the opening year, fully combining the excellent traditional Chinese culture and the Lantern Festival culture of Lingnan, and carefully create the 2022 Guangdong Satellite TV Lantern Festival special program — “Dragon Dragon And Tiger Leap For The Lantern Festival”. At 21:10 on the 15th night of the first month, you will celebrate the festival with laughter and enjoy the full moon!Culture yuanxiao lingnan folk bless bring about the Lantern Festival is carrying the significance of heritage and carry forward the Chinese traditional culture, special programs to begins with a short video “yuanxiao” show the festival food such as dumplings, yuanxiao, bad piece, walking cane lane, tongji, dragon dance, play sand flowers festival activities, also with unique characteristics of the lingnan folk songs and dances, deliver to the audience festival blessing.The opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games is an amazing countdown to the 24 solar terms of the world. The Guangzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage “Dragon head” with water splashing out of the water has also entered the global audience’s vision.In the special program, Guangzhou Song and Dance Theater to dance drama “Dragon • boat” “dragon • eyes” selected section to show the Dragon boat culture of lingnan, struggling with the sense of blood, heroic and natural sense of strength, the cool sense of technology dance, wish the Winter Olympic athletes faster, higher, stronger, more united!The tanka saltwater song “Light the Fire” by singer Chen Sisi has a beautiful meaning and melody. Elements of the Tanka saltwater song have touched the hearts of people in the Bay Area on the night of the festival, inspiring Cantonese people who have made bold in the sky and the sea to lead the way and forge ahead in the future in the New Year.▲ “technology shocked four” second season star boost officer, famous dance artist Huang Dou dou sing cantonese song “again to tiger Mountain line”, song and dance change “song wu”, a move to hit the spirit of lingnan, classic songs stirring, ensemble out of fearless heroic spirit.Daily life: Bai Kenan in Journey to the West, and Jiang Shimeng in a Dream of red Mansions, both love reading classics, but they quarrel because of this common love.”Straight male romance” does not understand the “girl heart”, this is a demon in the end, or two flower fairy Pal?▲ Essay “Good to have you” for the majority of friends offered love treasure book: girlfriend is too difficult to coax how to do?”Little matchmaking” Cao Yunjin led the team to assist a happy marriage, not only to help good brothers to build a restaurant dating atmosphere, but also play garrulous, blowing cattle, willing to be a negative textbook.Can the difficult task of three gang of one hero succeed?▲ Crosstalk sketch music is not enough, there are wonderful games to add.Hong Kong comedian Zhan Haochen and host group members Li Jia, Ceng Wenhan, Liu Wei, Li Bingjie play “I row you guess” and “MY words you guess”, burst into laughter scene one after another to pounce!During the Spring Festival, Guangdong SATELLITE TV released the New Year song “Love Tiger Oil”, which caused many viewers to call it “brainwashing” and “the boss”.On the 15th night of the 1st lunar month, SING girl group will gather again, and the youth will be filled with the best wishes for the year of the Tiger. Let the melody of good luck accompany you all year round.Will bring about the magician Louis yan stage moved to guangzhou tower, the landmark in the bay area on large real magic “ladder”, he not only can “meaning first courses” in the television on the table, but also challenge prance on at an altitude of 454 meters, complete drilling circle, rope skipping, such as difficult moves, the first view take you overlooking the heartbeat in guangzhou at night.Bring about walking a tightrope walking down the infinite universe’s got talent, “astonishing” in the first quarter “gold acrobatic show winner Tang Zhe and guangdong acrobatic troupe composite, China’s first world street dance champion teeth to deduce” science-fiction film “star dream”, he not only on the soft wire walking freely, were inverted unicycle-riding difficult stunt,Body language tells the story of the pilot’s dream to explore the universe.▲ Wang Xinyu, a young singer from Macao, sings the song “Love Macao”, which is full of childlike fun. The song starts from the perspective of children, and sincerely invites guests to come to feel the soaring appearance of the city with the combination of China and the west, as well as the vigor and splendor of the Bay Area.Lantern people laugh, dragon dragon tiger Jump yuanxiao!2022 Guangdong SATELLITE TV’s Lantern Festival special “Dragon Teng, Tiger Leaping, Yuanxiao” will premiere at 21:10 on February 15, stay tuned!2022 Guangdong SATELLITE TV’s Lantern Festival special “Dragon Dance, Tiger Jump, Lantern Festival”