Beijing Tai Tiger Year Spring Festival Gala | famous actors “Meeting”, “See Beijing” to promote Beijing culture card

2022-04-28 0 By

While conveying the theme of “Spring together”, the 2022 Beijing TV Spring Festival Gala also highlights the responsibility of Beijing Radio and Television as the capital’s media.Cabaret “drama” Beijing invited Beijing people’s art theatre, Beijing Opera house, Beijing symphony orchestra, China acrobatic troupe, China puppet theatre troupes, together on the stage show the achievement of cultural construction in the past year Beijing will also be “drama” Beijing’s cultural card by the Beijing news gala stage to the whole China,It shows the exemplary power of Beijing as a national cultural center.(the original title: station first year of the tiger Spring Festival gala | footballing terms “meeting”, “drama” Beijing to promote Beijing’s cultural card) source: Beijing daily reporter client Li Xiazhi process editor: u028