Baibi Town, Anyang County: Promote rural vitalization with the “three” policy of talents

2022-04-28 0 By

Xipei Village, Baibi Town, has made a great leap from a “small village” with traffic congestion and no one to a well-known “Internet celebrity village” for rural revitalization. It can be said that xipei village has made a great leap from the “east wind” of rural revitalization.On the road of rural revitalization, Xipei village makes good use of the “three policies” of talents, which opens a new situation for promoting high-quality and efficient rural development.”Lead” strategy, promote positioning upgrade.The design team of Professor Zheng Yuchang, deputy director of Village and Town Development Center of Tsinghua University, has been specially hired to carry out all-round planning and design for the development of Xipei Village. At present, Xipei Village has created five development sectors including “cultural tourism, business tourism, Yangshao culture, high-standard agriculture and ecological leisure agriculture”.The agricultural structure has been adjusted and 176 high-efficiency agricultural greenhouses have been built to attract professional talents such as large yellow bell pepper growers and large vegetable growers in Nanyangdian. They have been jointly managed and managed with local “soil” experts to develop leisure agriculture. The cream strawberries and painting King watermelon in the greenhouses have been highly praised by picking tourists.To guide the villagers to go back to the village to start their own business, to build courtyard 1, five ding music and other small farm.The strategy of “education” is to tap the potential of talents.We will actively organize party members and cadres to carry out the “three bright, three Belt” activities, organize regular trips to study, and build a new type of rural cadres to meet the needs of rural revitalization and development.Strengthen the cultivation of local talents, organize skilled craftsmen in the village to participate in the management and operation of rural memory hall, Yangshao Cultural Institute and other cultural places, can personally lead tourists to experience the fun of pottery making and firing, hand-woven cloth, and rolling stone wheels by hand;We will organize villagers to learn various technologies through education platforms, and encourage the public to participate in the operation of companies, so as to form a rural vitalization promotion model in which everyone participates, shares and participates.Xipei has built a talent pool of 110 people.”Stay” policy, gather strength sustainable development.Hongrui design team was invited to stay in the village for a long time and designed a unique party-mass service center and food court.The research base has been established in cooperation with the Party School of the Municipal Party Committee, Anyang Vocational and Technical College and Anyang Radio and TELEVISION University. The research practice courses such as handcraft workshop, stone grinding soymilk, hand-weaving, pizza making and plant cultivation are rich and varied. At present, the research group has received nearly 20 batches of more than 600 people.Invite county culture, radio, Sports and Tourism bureau troupe to settle in Xipei, edutainment, cultivate civilized village style.Established Xipei Tourism Development Co., LTD., hired professional managers and other operating personnel to manage and operate the company, and successively held cultural festivals, food festivals and music festivals, receiving more than 100,000 tourists and earning more than 400,000 yuan.