Urgently needed audio book recording workers, all experience, part-time job, 100-400 yuan/hour

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The size of the audio market is expected to reach 690 million by 2022, or one in three people listening to audiobooks. Facing such a large audience, the number of audiobooks recording personnel is far from enough!With demand outstripping supply, recorded audio books are lucrative.Most anchors only record part-time in their spare time, and their average monthly income is more than 8,000.If you are interested in reciting or dubbing, and the voice has certain characteristics, you should definitely try this job or part-time job.You can get paid according to the number of words you read. Depending on how difficult it is to read 100 words, you can earn 10-200 yuan.The job is to record audio books.If you are interested in this job and want to record part-time, or want to learn a skill to enrich yourself, you can scan the code and add teacher wechat, you can get: 1.A sound auscultation report from a professional teacher. – Is it suitable for this job?2. Get learning and auditioning resources – where and with whom?What are the advantages of sound broadcasting? First of all, many sideline businesses have various time and place restrictions, and sound broadcasting, do not need to go out, do not need to work at a fixed time, just need to sit at home, you can read articles to make money!And it has a low threshold, no major, education, experience requirements, you just need to find a quiet environment, to the article/novel/story recording, and then the audio package sent to the platform (no post-editing), sitting at home can easily earn!With the acceleration of the pace of life, people are more inclined to listen to audio than original text reading, far more convenient and fast than reading books.And now the development of audio platform is hot, every platform needs tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of books every month to record the demand, so the market demand is particularly large.Not afraid to get a job.China’s audio book industry is in a period of rapid growth, not yet close to maturity, in the stage of continuous growth.China’s audio book industry has good policies. The state strengthens the construction of online literature publishing team and encourages all people to read.Capital is optimistic about audio book industry, investment in industry enterprises;As people get into the habit of “paying for knowledge”, reading rates and willingness to pay have increased, there is no doubt that the audio book industry will become one of the biggest blue seas in the coming years.Scan the code to add Xiong Yuan’s teaching assistant wechat, you can get: 1. Jin Group and audio book host close communication – what are her redeemable features?2. How to pass auditions and get your first audio book?- Where are the resources?China is set to become the largest country in audio books by 2022, China Media And Publishing Business Daily reported.Here I would like to introduce a professional organization focusing on audio broadcasting talent incubation: Xiong Yuan Education!I recommend them not only because xiong Yuan has been established for a long time, has many anchors incubated, and has a strong teaching team, but also because it is the concentrated embodiment of the professional teaching strength of Shanghai Theatre Academy.Professor Song Huaiqiang, the principal of Xiong Yuan Education, used to be the director of the Broadcasting and Hosting Department of Shanghai Theatre Academy. He is a national first-class actor, a national Putonghua tester and the winner of “National Best Actor in Audio Novels” for three consecutive years.Under the leadership of Professor Song Huaiqiang, with years of scientific research experience, xiong Yuan has created excellent courses such as “Animal Onomatopoeia and Role Building” and “Musical sense and Narrator Creation”, which have nurtured thousands of talents in sound broadcasting and upgraded dozens of students from individual anchor to team studio.Scan the code to add Xiong Yuan teaching assistant teacher wechat, you can get: 1.A sound auscultation report from a professional teacher. – Is it suitable for this job?2. Received 1 to 1 professional guidance – Four years of xiong Yuan incubation of audio anchor secret audio show is really so profitable?Yes, the audio industry is on a roll, thanks to the proliferation of smartphones and the growing habit of paying for novels and music.1. Increasing demand for practitioners: According to IMedia Data Center, the number of audio APP users reached a staggering 570 million in 2020.Behind this is a huge demand for sound.China’s online audio users are expected to reach 640 million by 2021.It is predicted that in the next five to 10 years, there will be a gap of nearly 300,000 in the dubbing industry.(source: ai media reports | Chinese online audio research report from 2020 to 2021) 2.Lower entry threshold: in the past, the delivery of orders was almost monopolized by professional voice workers, ordinary people could not realize the sound of cash, but now there are more opportunities to receive private orders.Ximalaya, lazy listening and other platforms have a variety of styles of audio articles, after receiving orders recorded upload platform is good, after signing a contract novice can also get a good income.You can open up any audio platform and find a job. You can make money sitting at home.It is suggested that you join the wechat account of the teaching assistant teacher, who will help you know whether you are suitable for the part-time job of audio studio, and provide you with resources to receive orders and help with practice methods.Course content: exclusive sound diagnosis, industry prospect science popularization, auditions and order receiving channels, broadcasting skills teaching and other teaching methods: wechat group online teaching period: limited to the top 100 novices FAQ 1.Can I work part-time at home?Does it conflict with the job?Of course, there is no conflict. Most anchors work part-time at home, regardless of age, and do not need a job certificate. They can study and record at home.2. Mandarin is not standard, dialect accent, hoarse voice can learn?Will do.First of all, systematic learning of basic skills such as vocalization and pronunciation can help you beautify your voice line and present a better voice state.Secondly, sound broadcasting is not to ask you how good your voice sounds, but to see you to the role of shaping and deducing, these broadcasting skills are skills to follow, after mastering the creation method is not difficult.3. Can you study at any age?Yes, men and women, young and old (not recommended for those under 18 years of age whose vocal cords are not fully developed).Whether it is advertising dubbing, radio anchor, animation film dubbing, radio drama, audio books and other forms of realizations need a large number of voice practitioners, the market is very broad.Take audiobooks for example, different roles need different voices, royal sister voice, girl voice, old voice, young voice and so on each type of each, do not have to worry about their lack of live.4. After learning how to audition orders to make money?How much money do you make?”Xiong Yuan Education” commitment to continue docking resources, monthly release of a large number of auditions recorded book list, straight students receive single groups, do not have to worry about learning after the sound can not be realized.As for the income, small to hundreds, many to thousands of very normal, according to the book unit price you receive and investment time.For specific matters, you can add the following wechat, consult the teaching assistant oh ~ audio studio course