Twenty-four solar terms countdown, ice and snow five rings break the ice……The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics is full of Chinese romance.

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The National Stadium, the Bird’s Nest, was illuminated with fireworks as the cauldron of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games was lit in glittering snowflakes filled with technology.On Feb. 4, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games attracted the attention of audiences around the world with its passionate and creative artistic performances.A snowflake floats towards the Bird’s Nest, witnessing the “frozen relationship” between China and the Winter Olympics.”Virtually every minute of the opening ceremony was written with Chinese culture.”Zhang Yimou, chief director of the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, and his creative team delivered the common values of overcoming difficulties, overcoming the epidemic and embracing a better future through the “ethereal, romantic, modern and high-tech” opening ceremony, and told the world the wonderful story of China and the Winter Olympics.The 24 solar terms belong only to the Chinese countdown method: “Spring rains surprise spring clear valley sky, summer full manang summer heat.Autumn dew autumn frost, winter snow snow winter minor cold.”This well-known solar term song contains a wealth of traditional Chinese culture.Different large events common 10 seconds countdown, Beijing Olympics adopted the twenty-four solar terms to the countdown, the rain of summer, surprised zhi, the spring equinox, the tomb-sweeping day, gu yu, such as solar terms in turn to present, as the beginning of winter “arrival”, the countdown speed has been accelerated, the final countdown “zero” to the opening day of spring.With the ancient poetry or proverbs, saying, the charm of the Chinese land scenery and ice and snow athletes sports scene each other.As netizens put it, “Every frame makes people want to take a screenshot as wallpaper.”The opening ceremony officially kicked off with actors dressed in green and waving light sticks, floating like a wisp of green grass in the breeze.Silk and bamboo sound, “grass” like snow dyed wind and frost become pure white flawless.In the center of the stage, children blow away dandelions, white seeds flying into the sky.Fireworks broke out over the bird’s nest, spelling out “Start of SPRING” and “SPRING.”The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.In Zhang Yimou’s view, the start of Spring is a very good omen, “colorful always spring.There is a positive optimism that is really like the slogan of the Beijing Winter Olympics, ‘Together for the future’.”This is the first time that both Chinese and English fireworks have appeared at the same time.Beijing opening and closing ceremonies of the 2022 winter Olympics visual art design CAI said, dandelion, welcoming pine elements in fireworks behind, is our foundation of national culture, “we always aspire to light at a difficult time Chinese culture, the pursuit of hope, just right is the opening day of spring, so have the twenty-four solar terms rehearsal backwards.”After “minor cold” and “Major Cold”, finally “Start of spring”, the pursuit of a kind of endless life, life will never stop.As a drop of ice blue ink fell from the sky, instantly transformed into the Water of the Yellow River, pouring down.This scene makes people feel as if they are in the heroic spirit of the ancient Chinese poem “The water of the Yellow River comes from heaven”.The history of the past 23 Winter Olympics cities will be shown on a flash screen made of giant chunks of ice rising from the water, culminating in “Beijing 2022, China”.The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.People’s Daily Online winter Olympics news team took photos of ice hockey players and video puck hitting each other. After the puck repeatedly hit in the video space, it led to more intense carving — the whole ice cube was carved into a crystal clear ice and snow five rings.This process is defined as “breaking the ice”, which in Chinese culture implies breaking barriers, resolving conflicts, approaching each other and understanding each other.”Ice and snow five rings appearance way is good advanced” “ice breaking moment let a person blood boiling” “crystal clear five rings broke the ice and really gave me the United States to cry, aesthetic still have to see China”……During the opening ceremony, the five rings of ice and snow have been trending online, leaving many netizens in awe.The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.”We use laser and digital light and shadow machinery to make the world’s largest and most shocking, the most creative naked eye 3D installation, and is truly realize 360 degrees without dead Angle immersive digital installation.”Wang Zhiou, director of visual effects for the Opening ceremony of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, said in an interview with People’s Daily online that the moving humanoid images in the “Ice Cube” section of the “Frozen Five Rings” were all painted in ink and water, and then made light and shadow effects in 3D.With the means of digital technology, the core of Chinese culture can be more colorful expression, so that people around the world can understand and love Chinese traditional culture.In addition to the stunning “ice and snow rings”, the final lighting ceremony of the cauldron also attracted many viewers to call it “beyond imagination”.The Olympic flame burst into flame when the last torchbearers, Zhao Jiawen and Dinegar Iramujiang, placed the torch on a giant snowflake.And this giant snowflake, already appeared in the previous performance, can be said to form a big “foreshadowing” of the opening ceremony.The cauldron of the Beijing Winter Olympics has been lit.In Zhang Yimou’s view, such a design and ignition method is unprecedented innovation in a century.”One is to build snowflakes with the names of delegations from all over the world.Second, the last leg of the torch is the main torch, is the 100 years of Olympic history has never had a ‘small fire’.”Zhang said the idea came from the concept of low-carbon and environmental protection. “The way of lighting the cauldron this time is actually ‘one leaf knows autumn well’.A small hand-held torch, a small flame, thinking of the great Olympic spirit, is the burning passion and romance of all mankind.”In the Bird’s Nest, young people from all over the world walk together, shoulder to shoulder and show themselves in a minimalist way.Where young people walk, they form a river of images made up of photographs.”These images are carefully chosen by us. They are people. They are ordinary people.”Zhang yimou said “Salute to the People” was a “performance” at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics. There was no singing or dancing, just ordinary people walking on the scene, reflecting the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind.Image on both sides of the river, is the Chinese knot pattern decoration, meaning unity and good luck.To the sound, the skaters skated long tracks across the snow bearing the Olympic slogan: “Swifter, Higher, Stronger — More united.”The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, it can be said that the stage to ordinary people, showing people’s good life and enthusiasm for the Winter Olympic Games.Mountain children sing the Olympic anthem.People’s Daily online winter Olympics news team photo The Olympic flag slowly raised, “Ode to the Olympics” singer attracted everyone’s attention.They are not professional children’s chorus, but ordinary children from the mountainous area of Fuping, Hebei province.Zhang said that after winning the battle against poverty, children in China’s mountainous areas are not the same as before. “To be on the stage at the Olympics, singing songs loudly in Greek, really says it all,” zhang said.The National flag of the People’s Republic of China was paraded into the stadium as a child trumpeter played “My Country and I”.Those who carried the national flag included representatives from all walks of life in China, people of national merit and representatives from 56 ethnic groups.They are all ordinary people, hand to hand to express the feelings and relationship between the people and the national flag.The warm-up performance at the opening ceremony was exuberant and energetic.It is reported that the actors participating in the warm-up performance are ordinary people, the youngest age is only 5 years old, the oldest in their 70s.Stage director Meng Yan called the design of the show “Chinese style marching square dance”, “we hope to show the enthusiasm and emotion of people of every age, and express our sincere invitation to the world.””Completely different snowflakes converge in Beijing, becoming a human snowflake, a common snowflake.From the countdown video to the final ignition, all said such a sentence.”As Zhang Yimou said, ice represents the Winter Olympics, ice and snow, crystal clear, romance is in it.We sincerely wish the Olympic athletes great success in the games. We also look forward to the closing ceremonies of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the Paralympic Winter Games bringing new audio-visual splendor.