The opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics showcases the 24 solar terms, sending a subtle message

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What does it mean for China and Russia to hold a summit and issue a joint statement on the occasion of the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games?– It means that a new era in human history is dawning in which land power will be replaced by sea power.This was especially true when we saw the 24 solar terms symbolizing Chinese culture displayed at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games.A few years ago, there was the historical documentary “The Rise of Great Powers”, which analyzed the rise and fall of nine world powers successively, namely Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Russia and the United States, on the grand stage of the modern human process in the past 500 years.These nine great powers have their own special background and reasons in different times, but all the rise of the nine great powers have a common condition: they are maritime powers.In other words, nearly 500 years of human history is, in the final analysis, a history of maritime powers.In fact, Portugal was not mankind’s first maritime power.Before her, in the early 15th century, when Zheng He of the Ming Dynasty set sail to the Western Seas, China’s shipbuilding and maritime prowess far surpassed Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands in a century. Unfortunately, China abandoned its military prowess and stopped its voyages after seven voyages to the Western seas, thus losing the century as a maritime power for 500 years to the West.China, once again a land power.The road of maritime nations can have on the power, the first is the low of Marine transportation costs will be far from land than, then through trade, naturally quickly into the distance through the first wave of globalization, human history into the global offshore area into a new system of production, consumption, to optimize resources configuration, the common prosperity;Secondly, by using superior military power to colonize the world, the host country gained great power through massive exploitation.Finally, it is to absorb and control global resources comprehensively through military, intelligence, subversive, cultural and financial means.Throughout the last 500 years, the protagonists have changed constantly, and the means have been updated, which has created a whole history of human maritime hegemony, which is the era of maritime power.As we enter the 21st century, three situations are subtly and rapidly changing.First, land transportation, which has been at a disadvantage for a long time, is turning a corner of the century due to the technological revolution of high-speed railway.Maritime trade between eastern Asia and Western Europe, which for centuries had to pass through the Straits of Malacca and the Suez Canal, is quietly and rapidly being replaced by freight trains to Europe.The number of trains between Asia and Europe has soared from 17 in 2011 to more than 15,000 by 2021.The time of land transportation is only 1/3 of sea transportation, and the cost is only 1/5 of air transportation.For the first time in 500 years, land transport is holding its head high.At the same time, China and Russia, as two land powers, have proposed the Belt and Road initiative and the Eurasian Economic Union.The RCEP, China-Russia, China-Iran (Lang) and china-Europe trade and investment cooperation are all injecting more and more vitality into the long dull land-power economy.Ii. As the culmination of 500 years of maritime hegemony, the United States, whose maritime hegemony relies most on its aircraft carriers that span the globe, is beginning to face unprecedented challenges from China’s anti-intervention and anti-aircraft military technology, which means that its long-standing maritime dominance is no longer sustainable.Third, the most noteworthy is that China, which has never been a land power power, is rising rapidly. On the one hand, China is strengthening its weak land power, and at the same time, China is trying to develop its sea power, and strive to restore its status as the first sea power of mankind.The comprehensive rise of a China that takes into account both land and sea power may put an end to the destruction of the world and China by western imperialist powers in nearly 500 years of human history.China, too, seems to be in the process of re-establishing its old theoretical, institutional, cultural and historical self-confidence.The opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics has sent a subtle message to the world about the 24 solar terms.