Another wave of new regulations on commercial vehicles will be implemented in February for the Spring Festival and the Winter Olympics.

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In February, in addition to the Lunar New Year, we will also usher in the grand Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics.In order to improve air quality and ensure the smooth progress of the Winter Olympics, many places across the country have carried out a new round of road restrictions;In addition, from February 1, what new regulations will be implemented in the commercial vehicle industry?Below, let’s have a look!On December 27, 2021, the Ministry of Public Security issued 3 new regulations, “Provisions on the application and Use of Motor Vehicle driving License”, “Measures for the Management of Road traffic safety Violations of points” and “Provisions on motor vehicle registration”.Among them, the Regulations on application and Use of Motor Vehicle Driving Licenses and the Measures for The Administration of Scoring Road Traffic Safety Violations will come into force from April 1, 2022, and the Regulations on Motor Vehicle Registration will come into force from May 1, 2022.Article 18 of Chapter 4 “Full marks Treatment” of Road Traffic Safety Illegal Acts Points Management Measures clearly points out that motor vehicle drivers who score more than 12 points within a scoring period shall participate in a seven-day study of road traffic safety laws, regulations and relevant knowledge.Among them, drivers of large buses, heavy tractor-trailers, city buses, medium buses and large trucks shall attend a 30-day study of road traffic safety laws, regulations and relevant knowledge.In the new management method, there is no “full 12 points relegation” description.In addition, the “motor vehicle driving license application and use of the provisions, there are also a beneficial new measures of card: implementation of large and medium-sized the van driver’s license” a card to his “across the country, in addition to domicile for large and medium-sized the van driver’s license, the applicant may by the resident identity card” a card to his “, no need to submit the certificate of residence.The first Internet standard release cargo security groups Clear cargo operations management platform safety standards on December 31, 2021, the Chinese transportation association issued “Internet freight platform safety operation specification” organization standard, this group is China’s first Internet freight safety standards, make up the blank of forwarding platform safety standards,It plays an important role in improving the safety operation level of platform freight enterprises.Freight “specification” regulation on the Internet platform security operation platform for the general requirements, security function, the driver and the vehicle, the driver safety management, safe operation, risk management and the hidden perils, emergency and disposal, the network and information security management, safety accident event handling complaints, performance evaluation and improvement, and a total of 10 aspects of 58 clause,The safety operation and management standards of Internet freight platform enterprises are clarified.The bid will take effect on March 1, 2022.China’s natural gas heavy commercial vehicles have developed rapidly in the past 10 years, and the sales of natural gas heavy trucks have repeatedly broken records.It is reported that in Shaanxi, Shanxi, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Hebei and other regions of the vehicle ownership is close to 20%, part of the transport market instead of diesel vehicles.The development of natural gas heavy commercial vehicles is rapid, so the old national standard has not been applicable to the present.Therefore, it is imperative to revise GB/T20734-2006 “Installation Requirements for Special Devices for LNG Vehicles”.Earlier, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology publicly solicited opinions on five mandatory national standards (submitted for approval), including the installation Requirements of gas System for Gas Powered Vehicles.Among them, “Gas Vehicle gas System installation Requirements” specifies the gas vehicle gas system installation requirements, test methods, inspection rules and implementation transition period.This standard is recommended to be implemented from 1 July 2022.Add 3 city More strictly abide by the national “right will stop” turn right to improve and reduce the large vehicles, because the owner of the blind spots caused by the personnel casualty, following shenzhen, Shanghai, xian, jinan, more practice, after the “turn right will stop” in January 2022, and there were three launch “right will stop” rules, jiangsu to become effective as of January 4;Since January 16, Nanjing has officially implemented punishment in three pilot areas in Jiangbei New Area by combining “on-site punishment + off-site exposure”.It was officially implemented in Yantai on January 20.Note: This article is from the first commercial vehicle network