“A Confession” : Walking and hiding

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It’s not just the ball that makes me cry.It’s not just the back that MAKES me want to part.There are a lot of games left. I’m holding the ball.Let me feel happy, is the women’s football team won the championship.Sad is in the first, sixth and watch the ball together.Winter proud snow peach blossom, swaying the soul of women’s football.In the turbulent football, it never gives up on you.Football, can’t take away, only you.Walk with it on the green field until all the lights are out.I’ll take my hand shape, AND I’ll kick it up into the sky.Walk to the end of the halfway line and sit in the front of the stand.”When you love someone, the door is narrow and the road is long.”It’s a phrase that seems incomprehensible from the Bible, but instantly becomes easier to understand in the context of football.Deep love of football, is the opium of the spiritual world.You are drunk, you are infatuated, from the outside to the inside, showing the unique.We love football.This ordinary language resembles the opera of the last axis, sang the acacia that has nothing to do with romance, snow and moon, complained all people to and from the frank.Sometimes the game we love is not only a stage for winning, but also a window to show our emotions.You may remember the love-struck six-minute kiss between Diego Maradona and Diego Canigia in 1996.You may remember iker Casillas kissing journalist’s girlfriend Sarah During a post-match interview after winning the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.You may remember how Ukrainian viktor Zinchenko kissed his girlfriend in an interview after Serbia’s victory at the 2019 UEFA General Assembly.And of course you remember the tears of tears from Sven-Goran Eriksson’s wife Sabrina when the unexpected incident happened at Euro 2021.The above, without exception, are true feelings.This kind of exposure, which starts from football and is higher than football, is a warm moment of “deep affection and natural strength”.It may be impossible to suppress, but it doesn’t have to be suppressed.In fact, compared to them, we are far from loving.Fortunately, I am able to combine my hobbies with my work. As time goes by, I increasingly think that “luck” may be the essence of luck.People who love football, including those who are obsessed with any sport, have an incomparably rich inner world.Even if some of them look cold and impersonal.But the movement of human itself, is originally a kind of propaganda, render sustenance.Almost any sport, including football, can be immersed in.Even if you don’t understand, but look a few times you will suddenly find unconsciously immersed in it.For football, we have witnessed its passion, witnessed its heroic bearing, we gradually like it and won over.In fact, football for life, for human nature, is the pronoun of warmth.We love football, often without special decoration and eternal positioning, just like lovers synchronized with your breath, like children follow your footsteps.In fact, sometimes, football is your shadow.We love football and sometimes we don’t think about it because it’s part of the ideal life, free and easy.Over the years, the less you play, the older you get, or the fewer reasons you have to play.It’s not for the post-workout munchings, it feels like today’s kick is incomplete.All of a sudden, I found that playing football is not the reason, but also think of any reason!The reality is that while he can still fulfil his football commitments on the pitch, he knows injuries are taking longer to recover.As the playing cycle lengthens, being away from the pitch suddenly becomes unbearable.On the court you hate not to contend, sigh long gas;Off the court you get up in the middle of the night rubbing your knees, swearing helplessly.Everyone who plays football has experienced more or less, or big or small injuries.Everyone who plays football has also tried to wear a good jersey and tie up his shoes without a good injury, but sometimes he can not avoid the recurrence of an old injury.You love the court, but need to accept the inevitable away from…..Everyone has a city in their heart, even if their hands are only a short distance apart.Also want to embrace this miss, even lost to time, but never lost in the heart between you and me position.”The world is colorful, I hold pure white;A red black, I red black;Once in Manchester United, red devil for life…”In the world of football, there are too many unclear, unexplained love and hate;There are too many cut constantly, reason also disorderly feeling sorrow…Time shapes you, and we love you all have…Walking and hiding, you leave traces in the contours of wasted time.Full of life we witness, lost beauty has never dissipated in the heart.This is football, advise you don’t fall in love easily, because fall in love is the world.