Yancheng annual card which 25 attractions

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Yancheng Annual card is a kind of annual tourism card issued by the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism and The City Investment Group in order to better promote tourism and benefit the people. It can be used in the whole city, including 25 major tourist attractions in Yancheng. Citizens who have opened annual tourism card can enjoy “a card in hand, tour yancheng”.So, what are the 25 attractions of yancheng annual Card?The 25 attractions of Yancheng annual Card are:Arrives on the milu deer park scenic area, wetland ecological tourist area, ocean bay ecological tourism scenic area, ou feng districts, city of the eastern, xixi culture tourism scenic area, breath heart temple scenic area, reflected HeXiang chrysanthemum sea scenic area, the gold sand lakes tourism scenic area, the yellow sea forest park scenic area, yellow peony, pattern time city garden, shy naih-an hometown, feng town scenic area, the Netherlands under the scenic area,Dafeng Harbor Ocean World Scenic spot, Dafeng Shanghai Educated Youth Memorial Hall, Dafeng Harbor Zoo, China Water Margin Park, Dream Maze Scenic spot, Meihua Bay Scenic spot, Jiulongkou Scenic spot, Dazhong Lake scenic spot, Bencang Withered Branches Peony Garden, Nanhai Park.Among them, Oufenghua Street is the most beautiful “urban meeting room” transformed and upgraded by Yannan High-tech Zone of Yancheng City, and the characteristic European style block of the city’s “micro tourism” destination. It is the first Characteristic European style block in northern Jiangsu province. The whole block is built along the river and the water, with a total length of 800 meters and a total construction area of nearly 40,000 square meters.Is without destroying the original on the basis of the architectural form, in accordance with the “one world, one street co a amorous feelings” of the overall train of thought, “flower” as the medium, stick to “young people” and “special food” localization requirements, “flowers” and “green” is used to create a space atmosphere, with “brand” and “creative” constitutive model on commercial form,It provides tourists with a new experiential lifestyle of eating, traveling, playing and shopping, and is a new city name card of Yancheng.Shi Nai ‘an hometown, located in The North Street of Baiju Town, Dafeng District, Yancheng city, shi ancestral hall is reconstructed by the descendants of Shi Gong, with three halls before and after.In 26 years, Shi Naian came to baiju town to avoid the war and settled down, and wrote the famous novel “Water Margin”.It was burned down by Japanese invaders in 1938, restored in 1981, and expanded in 1992. It has a certain scale, with important materials such as the study of Water Margin and Shi Naian’s Family Tree displayed inside.Xixin Temple scenic area, in Jiangsu Sheyang highest altitude, beautiful scenery sheyang River scenic area, ginkgo forest hidden a century-old temple, this is xixin Temple.Xixin Temple, formerly known as Xixin Temple, is located in the yellow Sea, sheyang river.The temple not only has the pattern of Chinese Buddhist temple, but also has the characteristics of simple and elegant jianghuai architecture, which can be called “the blessed land of the Yellow Sea”.It has a history of more than 850 years, giving this Buddhist temple a layer of mystery.Its location is superior, temple incense, visitors to an endless stream of worshippers.Shanghai Educated Youth Memorial Hall, national 4A level tourist attraction, it is built on the former Haifeng farm Yuanhua site, the site was designed and built by the former Soviet Union experts in 1952.Through the exhibition areas of historical impressions, educated youth directory, real life, farm construction and company miniature, the museum truly shows the scenes of 80,000 educated youth living, working and studying on the beach of the Yellow Sea.There are also more than 40,000 pieces of the educated youth’s life and production.It is the base of popular science education in Jiangsu Province.It has five special exhibition halls, such as China Educated Youth Theme Hall, North Shanghai History Exhibition Hall, Dafeng Shanghai Educated Youth Memorial Hall, Haifeng Youth Hall, Chinese Educated Youth Library and literature Hall, and is equipped with quality development training, catering, accommodation, entertainment and other project facilities.Dazhong Lake scenic spot, national AAAA level scenic spot, is located in Yancheng city, Jiangsu Province. Its “Autumn moon over the Flat Lake” is the crown of eight ancient Yancheng scenic spots.”Long lake autumn scenery” has been listed as the first “Yancheng New Ten scenes”.Covering an area of more than 30 square kilometers, it is the largest and deepest lake in lixiahe area of Central Jiangsu Province, and also the source of drinking water for millions of people in Yancheng.The lake water is clear and sweet, aquatic plants are abundant, wild birds fly collection, aquatic products are extremely rich, “big Vertical Lake water hairy crab” famous all over the world, “Yancheng eight bowls”, “Vertical Lake ten fresh lake fresh banquet” famous jianghuai, diners from all over the river attracted many people.There are more than 120 kinds of plants and more than 50 kinds of wild animals in the lake district. The harmony between man and nature has been perfect here.Fantasy Maze, located in Caoyan Town, Dafeng District, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, the scenic area planning area of more than 3,700 mu, has been built and open to the public area of more than 1,300 mu, is a collection of leisure tourism, catering, accommodation, research and education industries as one of the complex scenic spot.The main areas are plant maze area, catering accommodation area, leisure sports area, sightseeing shopping area.It also holds two Guinness World Records for “World’s largest permanent hedge Maze” and “Largest permanent hedge maze Path network”.