“Watergate Bridge” broke 500 million yuan, with all scores above 9 points, and Jackson Yi won praise for his acting

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“Chosin Lake bridge” online, I believe many audiences went to watch this film.As of press time, the film has taken over 500 million yuan at the box office, ranking first among Chinese New Year movies.If current trends continue, Watergate could reach $700 million on its opening day, with estimates for a total gross between $5.2 billion and $7 billion.With the popularity of the film, the film’s scores on several major platforms were gradually announced. From the point of view of the score, it ranked the first in the Spring Festival scoring list, with an average score of more than 9 points. It is a solid word of mouth and box office harvest.Since many audiences have seen the watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake, it is natural that many of them have also made comments on it. Judging from the ratings given by the audience, the five-star praise is unanimous, and the reasons given by the audience for the high score are enough to convince many people.From the production aspect: many audiences feel that “Watergate Bridge” the picture impact feeling is strong, the scene is very hot, see people’s blood boiling.Indeed, before the film was released, the producers had said that Watergate bridge was an upgrade, and that the big scenes were bound to be bigger than Scenes.”Watergate Bridge” obviously took more care in its graphics than its predecessor, which, if it was all about rendering, was all about realism.In addition, for the description of the war scenes, Watergate Bridge is also very careful, continuing the strategic deployment and team warfare of the previous film, and finally presenting the audience with a clearer, easy-to-understand story.Real, exciting, strong sense of impact, scene hot, is “Watergate Bridge” on the production of the most intuitive feelings.From the emotional point of view, “Watergate Bridge” will love national conditions, war friendship, family affection, brotherly love, father-daughter love all show.Different characters have different emotions, the whole is national love, as all the soldiers of the seventh company salute toward the direction of the motherland, that moment of national pride arises.Meisheng’s engagement with his daughter was doomed to fail, but his daughter, whom he often talked about, became a stumbling block for all the audience.Wu Li and Wu Li’s brotherly love, the most touching people, especially wu Li’s last scene, see people in tears.If “Chosin Lake” can only make you cry once, “Watergate Bridge” will make you cry three times or more, because the emotions of the previous film are restrained, and nothing is hidden at this point.Character ending, “Watergate Bridge” the overall tone is tragic and stirring.If the director had a little mercy in “Jangjin Lake” and didn’t tell you how everyone would end up, in “Watergate Bridge,” he takes it away and confronts everyone with the bloody truth.”Jangjin Lake” only introduces the soldiers of the seventh and fifth Companies, but “Watergate Bridge” brings an end to everyone’s life.In this movie, each person’s ending has a corresponding picture and story, in order not to reveal the plot, not to say more.Sobs came from the theater every time a person was taken off the screen.In Changjin Lake, the biggest tear point is the departure of Lei Gong, while in Watergate Bridge, the biggest tear point is when the seventh company calls the roll again: “The seventh company should have reached 157 people, but actually reached 1 person.”Not low tears, even men at the time of hearing this line, can not help but red eyes.I think this scene will become a hard image in the minds of many people, will remember this line deeply.From a growth point of view, Wu Wanli really grew up.Although this is a group film, but have to admit, Yi Yangqianxi played wu Wanli’s growth line is the most complete.If the “Chojin Lake” we see is still wet behind the teeth of the fisherman, then “Watergate Bridge” we see the determination of the brave soldiers.Wu Wanli’s growth has ups and downs also has an opportunity, Zhang Xiaoshan’s sacrifice, lei Gong’s sacrifice, seven even each soldier’s sacrifice, the sacrifice of the final brother, to the end, Wu Wanli grew up as a real soldier.When Wu Qianli let go to let Wu Wanli do according to their own ideas, we actually already know Wu Wanli has combat ability.Wu Wanli the significance of the existence of this line is that, from his body, we will always see hope, because as long as someone alive, the spirit of seven even will not be destroyed, Wu Wanli represents hope, on behalf of millions of later comers.Jackson Yi’s performance in Watergate Bridge has been recognized by most audiences, and there is a face-fighting scene that is several minutes long in the film.It is a crying drama, is the seven even only Wu Wanli crying drama.There is only Jackson Yi’s face on the whole screen. There is no environment or other scenes. Emotions can only be conveyed through facial features and expressions.But this scene, Yi Yangqianxi played very well, silent tears, very emotional, emotional rendering to every audience.After watching “Watergate Bridge”, the heart is very complicated, can not calm down for a long time, even as for the last still remember that line, still remember the picture in the film.Have you seen the Watergate Bridge of Chosin Lake?If you haven’t, go see it.If so, let’s discuss the plot together!# The first tear-jerking moment of the Watergate Bridge at Jangjin Lake