Revenue of the National Social Security Fund rose 36.54 percent.We are looking forward to the pension increase exceeding 4.5% this year.

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Introduction the present society, every year out of college graduates is becoming more and more social pressure of competition is also on the increase year by year, for the masses of working people, in addition to focus on wages, after they step into the society is social security treatment, especially in China’s social security system gradually improve, people pay more and more attention to social security to bring us life safeguard.In particular, the medical insurance and pension in the social security are the focus of national attention. Up to now, the domestic pension has completed 17 years of continuous increase.Revenue of the National Social Security Fund rose 36.54 percent.We are looking forward to the pension increase exceeding 4.5% this year.Now, with the arrival of the New Year, people are also full of expectations for the new round of pension increase. Now, no matter all kinds of experts and scholars, or media organizations, generally give high hopes for the New Year pension increase.The national Finance department also mentioned in a recent public speech that it will continue to improve the level of the social security system and appropriately adjust the basic pension for retirees in 2022, which is equivalent to the 18th consecutive increase of the pension system.For 127 million retired urban workers in China, the impact and impact of the epidemic have not completely dissipated. Now, relevant departments of the state have clearly given a signal of pension increase, which finally gives people temporary relief. In fact, the state also completed 17 consecutive pension increases last year.However, the increase fell to the lowest level in history, only 4.5%. However, in the past year, the income of the domestic social security fund bottomed out and the increase of the pension fund exceeded 4.5% again in 2022, showing a very optimistic performance.Four factors account for the general comfort with rising pensions.First, the official media published important articles on the basic conditions for pension increases.In late January, 2022, China Economic Weekly published an article to discuss the increase of domestic pension in 2022. The final result is that the increase of pension in this year is likely to be between 4% and 5.5%, and the overall analysis of various factors shows an optimistic signal of domestic economic development.In addition, the domestic data of 2022 show that the pension revenue and expenditure is still good, the income from social security contributions continues to rise, and the payment capacity of domestic pension funds continues to improve.Actually about annuities rise problem, basically depend on annuities income and expenditure situation and bear ability.Now new news came, on January 27, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China officially announced all kinds of social security data in 2021. According to the data, the total number of insured people in 2021 was 480.75 million, up 5.34% from the mid-term, and the total income of the pension fund was 6004.04 billion yuan, up 36.54% from the same period.The total expenditure of the pension fund was 5.650023 trillion yuan, up 10.37% compared with the same period. Generally speaking, the income of the pension fund is still greater than the expenditure, and the increase of income is more obvious, far greater than the increase of expenditure.The reason for this is that last year, the government resumed the collection of the full amount of social security by abolishing many social security exemptions and preferential policies for enterprises.In addition, a new model of social security income tax has been introduced, many people with flexible employment have made up their contributions to social security in the past, and various provinces have raised the upper and lower social security bases, which has helped expand the size of the national pension fund pool.In addition, from January to November of 2021, the total income and total expenditure of the domestic pension fund reached 5.22926 billion yuan and 5.06482 billion yuan respectively, with the total income exceeding the expenditure and more ability to support the increase of the pension in this year. Considering various factors, the operation of the domestic pension fund is still stable, and in 2021,China’s major provinces have started socialized investment of pension funds, which will also bring higher returns.In addition, it should be noted that the increase rate of domestic pension reached 4.5% in 2021 is also due to the proportion of increase in the special period, which cannot represent the trend of pension increase in the future.That said, the 4.5% increase in 2021 is the lowest we’ve seen in 17 years.However, in the three years of 2018, 2019 and 2020, the domestic pension has maintained a 5% increase. This 4.5% increase is also due to the serious impact of the COVID-19 epidemic in China. When the epidemic risk gradually disappears and provincial economies recover, the increase of the pension fund has the impetus to boost.What’s more, in 2021, the domestic economic recovery process is obvious, and prices and wages are rising, which also provides basic conditions for the improvement of pension.The future increase or decrease of the pension is based on the domestic prices and everyone’s salary level. After the domestic economy gradually recovers in 2021, the domestic price level and people’s income level will improve, which have become the necessary conditions for the pension increase.Conclusion: It can be seen that now the national economy is gradually returning to normal, people’s life into the right track, the domestic pension increase, will also return to the normal level.Today’s topic: The national Social Security Fund revenue surged 36.54%!It is worth looking forward to the increase of pension fund exceeding 4.5% in 2022