Phoenix rising from the ashes: these ten people before very useless, because the waves washed the sand and changed

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It’s true in the real world, and it’s true in the game dimensions as well.In the original Chronicles of The Three Kingdoms 11, we encountered a lot of useless useless warriors, some of whom we hated even if they could use a little dynamite.The collective enhancement of the MOD can be regarded as giving them a ride on the last bus, and this article will screen out ten of the most significant value enhancement roles for you.Zhong He Er Di ranked ninth and tenth, respectively. They were really badly played in the original game of The Annals of The Three Kingdoms 11.Lack of fighting, IQ with obtrude on a par, if it were not for the elder sister CAI and eldest brother CAI MAO to cover, estimated that even a minimum wage are not mixed.The big Wave Sand MOD gives the whiteboard brothers a good boat and water will stunt, the adaptability of the water army also reached S class, riding the wind and waves of the necessary tool man.The difference between no. 7 and no. 8 was also slight, but Xu Gong and Zhang Song both made it to the list due to the enhancement of one skill attribute.The reason why people hated Xu Gong was that they loved Sun Ce too much. It was the revenge of Xu Gong’s followers that caused the young Overlord to die at an early age, otherwise there would have been no Three Kingdoms.As for Zhang Song, who is a mercenary, no matter how bright liu Bei’s leading role is, he cannot be moved.The two people need to thank the wave of sand MOD to wait for the heart attack must increase the effect of vertigo, ambush with control, who knows.The sixth is Yang Song, one of the two immortals of pine and cypress. He has been corrupted twice in the romance.The first time was to receive a red envelope from Liu Bei, instigate the relationship between Ma Chao and Zhang Lu, forcing Ma Chao to demote Liu Bei.The second time, he received a red envelope from Cao Cao and framed Pang De. Pang was cornered and had to work in Cao Ying.The original SGUOzhi 11 gave Yang Song nothing, he was a complete douche bag in the game, and the MOD didn’t want to bury Yang Song’s business talents by making him a financial mogul.Yang Song upstairs still needs to struggle a little to create GDP, while Mi Fang, the fifth place winner, earns it by lying down.My brother Mi Zhu is a rich man, there is no reason for him to be short of gold.It doesn’t matter if the south county is not well guarded, the game players will not let Mi Fang alone, his special function is rich.Cao Shuang’s initial political score in the Sanguo Zhi 11 Wave Rush Sand MOD is 66, and with a little bit of work, he can break 90 and become a first-class domestic master.Of horn qi attack chaos probability was promoted 75%, no matter unified rate, force, intelligence again tall military general, cannot immune the influence of horn, because this actual combat function is unusually powerful.After such a special training, Cao Shuang did not give you a low version of cheng Yu’s feeling?With his timid personality and the effect of his guest skills, Jiang gan’s strategic value climbed rapidly, even to the top three.As long as jiang Gan’s intelligence is cultivated in the MOD, Zhou Yu may not be able to quarrel with him in the game.Meng Da’s own ability is not bad, but because he indirectly killed Guan Yu, was disliked by people.Just from the game level, Yan Du + Jian Cheng skill is really a reliable general defending the city, Meng Da’s talent here can be compared with Zhou Gurnard of wu and Zhang Te of Wei.At the top of the list, personally think is Zhuge Zhan.As Zhuge Liang’s own son, Zhuge Zhan’s level in the original Three Kingdoms 11 was too embarrassing for his father.Even the special effects were mostly for black Zhuge Zhan to match, because he commanded the mianzhu defense is really no technical and tactical level, father Zhuge Liang fierce drinking three jin of liquor will not faint into that.This version not only strengthened the function of waiting for volts, but also added a disturbing enemy to Zhuge Zhan, intelligence is lower than their neighbor enemy will automatically dizzy, more reading must be able to carry his father’s flag.The above rankings are only personal opinions. If you have your own thoughts and findings, feel free to add them in the comments section.Thank you for your long-term attention and support.