James last quarter 15 points, key three-pointer away from the game!Painful injury to bushy eyebrow, 90-degree twisting of ankle

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After many days, finally ushered in the Lakers game.The lakers start westbrook, Monk, James, Johnson and Timberlake at home against Utah.The lakers led 8-0, scoring six points in a row, including two shots and a dunk, except for a layup by Westbrook.After a timeout, Westbrook hit a 3-pointer off a James pass.‍ Utah went 4-0, with James setting westbrook up again.The Jazz bounced back, hitting two straight 3-pointers to give the lakers a 17-11 lead through the half.After Brow was fouled and made two free throws, the Jazz rallied to 18-19 and Vogel called a timeout.Westbrook delivers an open dunk to Timberbrow.Tucker missed two consecutive 3-pointers and was fouled by Mitchell, who made all three free throws.James finally scored on a 7-0 run.The last shot of the first quarter was a 3-pointer by Eyebrows.First quarter, Lakers 27-27 Jazz.Lebron James had two points, two rebounds and three assists, Timberlake had 15 points, one rebound and one assist, Westbrook had seven points, one rebound and three assists, Johnson had two points, two rebounds and Reeves had one point and one rebound.The second quarter starts, Tucker sends ruthless big cap, James a dragon bulldozer layup.‍ Tucker finally takes a James pass and makes a jumper.James continued to drive and score.Ellington wasted three three-point attempts, and the lakers stopped the lakers after the Jazz came back up 35-33.Westbrook dribbles, Mitchell makes a 3.Monk threw and dunked to break the scoring drought.The Jazz extended the lead, and after James came up, the inside shot.‍ Bushy landed on Gobert’s heel, injuring his ankle and tumbling to the ground in pain for three minutes before he was helped to the locker room by Howard Jordan jr.‍ James makes a 3-pointer.James dunked.Halftime, lakers 46-53 Jazz.James had 13 points, four rebounds and four assists, Timberlake had 17 points, two rebounds, two assists and two blocks, Westbrook had seven points, two rebounds and five assists, Johnson had two points, two rebounds and one assist, Monk had four points, two rebounds and one assist, Reeves had one point, four rebounds and two assists and Tucker had two points, one rebound and four blocks.Monk and Trevor Ariza scored the lakers’ first six points in the third quarter on 3-pointers.‍ Monk throws in, at this time, the front came about the injury of Brow, well-known journalist Shams reported that Brow’s right ankle X-ray examination was negative, fortunately in the misfortune, will receive treatment during the All-Star game, will be re-evaluated, and then return.‍ with more than three minutes left in the third quarter, Reeves hit a 3-pointer, the lakers were down by 12, and Utah called a timeout.Howard comes up, second down.This shot by James, it’s too hard.The lakers led 79-71 entering the fourth quarter when James made a free throw and then a shot to get the lead to five.‍ three for the other team, one for Bazemore.‍ James hits the white edge with a shaky footing and a quick break through.‍ with 7:11 left, the lakers trailing 80-90 and calling a timeout.After half a quarter, the two sides are still 10 points apart.Reeves made a tricky two-and-one to get within seven, and the Jazz stopped him.Westbrook made a quick breakaway and Utah added a 2-0.James scored from the inside, got to within three with more than three minutes left, and the Jazz stopped.Then, James hit a 3 – point equalizer, one – arm dunk over!Full momentum up!After Utah hit two free throws, James continued with a 3!Utah missed, James was fouled, challenged and won.Monk at this time, steal merit, one of two penalties.The other team suddenly hit a 3. In the clutch, James assists Reeves for a 3.Utah scored two quick points, and with 13 seconds left, the Lakers took a timeout.The Jazz fouled westbrook, who made both free throws.The jazz missed a quick 3-pointer, and Westbrook continued to make one of two free throws for the lakers, 106-101 jazz.James 33 points and 7 rebounds and six assists, 2 steals, heavy eyebrows 17 points 2 rebounds 2 assists 2 blocks, less 17 points and eight rebounds, 6 assists and 4 points and 2 rebounds and 4 assists, Johnson monk 13 points 5 rebounds 1 assists, 2 steals, reeves nine points and 4 rebounds, 2 assists, tucker, 3 points, five rebounds and assists 4 blocks, Howard 4 points 5 rebounds, trevor ariza 3 points and 3 rebounds,Bazemore had 3 points and 1 rebound.This is what we need to see the Lakers come back and beat the Jazz.Fortunately, there is no structural damage to his ankle, and then he will rest and wait for his return.