Gao Tingyu is training here!Reveal the science and technology magic weapon of national team training base

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China’s Gao Tingyu won the gold medal in the men’s 500-meter speed skating event at the Beijing Winter Olympics, which ended this afternoon.Halfway through the Winter Olympic Games, Chinese athletes have made breakthroughs in the Field of the Winter Olympic Games. They have won gold and silver MEDALS in both the ice and snow events, setting a new record for the Chinese team in many events.What are the scientific “magic weapons” behind the brilliant achievements?South + special reporters have an exclusive visit to the 27 National Ice and snow Sports training and scientific Research Base, one of the “base camps” for the Chinese national team.Reveal this country’s newest, with the highest science and technology of ice and snow sports training stadium, what help training technology password.The scientific research base has held many important competitions.More than 40 national teams have erqi national snow and ice sports training in the training of scientific research base (hereinafter referred to as the “scientific research base”) is located in Beijing fengtai district long store, is in the car in Beijing in September 2018 erqi locomotive co., LTD., based on the old factory building of start rebuilding, oval in September 2019 formally completed, implementation to China speed boost China’s ice and snow sports.Bsu ice and snow sports operation management work, deputy director of science and technology (Beijing) co., LTD Feng Jiaxin introduction, scientific research base by the state general administration of sports winter sports management center, the Beijing erqi locomotive co., LTD. And Beijing sports university joint construction, operating the main body for the Beijing sports university, is one of the important supporting engineering of the 2022 Beijing Olympics.In this world’s top ice and snow sports base, there are 8 main buildings, including speed skating hall, physical fitness center (roller skating hall), comprehensive wind tunnel hall, ski wind tunnel hall (sand pool and lecture hall), two six-degree-of – freedom training halls, rehabilitation center (natatorium) and athlete’s apartment, with a total construction area of more than 70,000 square meters.As of December 2021, scientific research base, a total of speed skating, short track speed skating, figure skating, alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, skis, snowmobiles, steel-frame snowmobiles, aerial skill, Nordic combined, parallel giant slalom, curling, and so on projects and part of the summer, winter, a total of more than 40 national team, training, testing of some 39000.Gao Tingyu, Ning Zhongyan and other famous speed skaters are stationed in the base for a long time.China’s speed skating team, short track speed skating team, figure skating team and many other national teams have been stationed in the base for a long time.In the scientific research base with the first Swiss Timing training system in China, the largest speed skating hall is the first one opened and completed. It is just like the twin sister of the National Speed Skating Hall “Ice Ribbon”. It not only has 9,300 square meters of ice surface with the similar carbon dioxide ice making process to “Ice Ribbon”, but also holds the same green environmental protection concept.New technologies and processes have been put into extensive use.It is the first speed skating venue in Asia to use carbon dioxide to make ice, saving more than 40% of energy compared to the traditional process.Advanced steam dehumidification and air conditioning system ensure constant temperature and humidity in the pavilion and the ice surface.The speed skating hall uses carbon dioxide to make ice.Enter the speed skating hall, a 400-meter speed skating rink is spectacular, in the middle of which are two 1,800-square-meter standard rink, which can accommodate short track speed skating, curling, figure skating and ice hockey training.The staff of the speed skating hall told reporters that the speed skating hall has the second Swiss Timing training system in the world and the first Swiss Timing training system in China, which can make the athletes’ ice training data visualization.When athletes are training, they can wear chips to monitor their speed and sliding distance in real time. The cameras in stadiums can track athletes and collect real-time data such as their heart rate, speed, sliding time and acceleration.After the training, the data can be sorted out and analyzed to form different data output modes, which provides good data support for the coaches and researchers of the team and helps them find the weaknesses of the athletes in skating, so as to improve skating skills in a more targeted way.In speed skating competition, the technique of corner skating is often the key to win, but in training from the initial speed to high speed skating, it needs a lot of physical energy.In the speed skating stadium, the “human high-speed ejection device” independently developed by the Beijing Institute of Technology can help athletes improve training efficiency. The athletes hold the handle of the rope, and the equipment can pull the athletes to a certain initial speed after starting.In this way, they can reduce physical exertion and focus more on their cornering skills.In the scientific research base of the out-of-season training of athletes, a variety of new technologies to help the training of ice and snow events are dizzying.For example, the base also has two rare wind tunnel laboratories.Wind tunnel test is the most advanced platform training method in the world. It helps athletes to test the wind resistance through hydrodynamics.For example, the ski wind tunnel in the museum simulates the wind resistance environment during the helping stage and after the jump for the athletes, and solves the problem that the training of ski jumping is limited by climate conditions.It is helpful for athletes to try the technical movements they want to do but can’t do on the platform in the simulation of wind resistance, so as to explore motor skills, strengthen muscle memory and improve technical level.There are two wind tunnel laboratories on the base.The six-degree-of-freedom hall is equipped with six-degree-of-freedom equipment, such as sled, steel sled, biathlon, alpine slewing, etc. The six-degree-of-freedom movement and visual system are combined with real sports operation equipment and simulation model to form a snow and ice sports simulation system that integrates operation, movement dynamics and vision completely.”This will not only improve the safety of athletes training, but also achieve what is called out-of-season training, ensuring that each team member can do repeated training in a short period of time, while not being affected by the natural environment.”Introduction of venue staff.Athletes in the six degrees of freedom hall for simulation training.In the gym, one of the machines, which looks like a giant swing, is used by short-track speed skaters to push off the ice. It swings from side to side in a manner similar to the skater’s position and Angle of tilt, and the skater works on coordination.There are also micro-pressure oxygen-enriched cabin, floating cabin, ultra-cryogenic treatment cabin and other “futuristic” rehabilitation equipment and facilities, which can allow athletes to quickly recover their physical strength.There are many physical training equipment for specific training.As a national compound base for scientific research and training of ice and snow sports, it also carries out education and training for teenagers.On January 25th, 10 days before the Countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the Operation team of Beijing Sports Ice & Snow Combined with Qingyuan Guangtie Yizhong Foreign Language Primary School (hereinafter referred to as “Tiewai Primary School”), faced the young journalists from the South Press station of Tiewai Primary School and the young members of the deep breathing roller skating team of Tiewai Primary School.Launched an online winter Olympics class with the theme of “Popular science of Beijing Winter Olympics into the base camp of the national Team”.A full line of classes, effectively linked thousands of miles away from the base and tiewai primary school, so that the Knowledge of the Winter Olympics into the campus.According to school data, the online class covers about 400 students and teachers of Tiewai Primary School.”In the environment of ‘science and technology empower sports’, more and more scientific means are helping to ensure scientific training of the national team in snow and ice sports and comprehensively improve the performance of athletes.”Feng jiaxin said.In the future, the base will also be an important scientific research and education platform of BSU, and strengthen the deep integration of industry-university-research in the post-Winter Olympics era by taking advantage of the core advantages of experience during the guarantee period of the Winter Olympics and the accumulation of relevant resources.Source: South + Editor: Voyage