Did the US “trap” itself?52 billion dollars of subsidies cannot escape, and Europe and the United States also face a shortage of core crisis

2022-04-26 0 By

When it comes to the problem of lack of core, many people tend to think of Huawei and mistakenly think that China is the only country suffering from chip crisis, but that is not the case.In addition to the chip import countries encountered the chip crisis, Europe and the United States these chip export countries have not been immune.International giants such as TSMC and Samsung decided to set up factories in the US after the US offered $52 billion in subsidies to attract more semiconductor companies to build factories in the country.As we all know, the cost of building a factory in the United States is very high. The former foxconn factory in the United States suffered heavy losses, and after BYD, Ningde times rejected Apple’s choice to build a factory in the United States, which can prove that it is not so easy to build a factory in the United States.Intel, TSMC and Samsung are also unhappy that the EXPECTED $52 billion in U.S. subsidies have not materialized.A number of large companies said they would change their plans to build factories in the United States if the United States failed to honor the “52 billion U.S. dollars in subsidies” promised.Just recently, the US side came to the news that the 52 billion dollar subsidy bill was officially passed.This time, the US will have to pay for its actions, with $52 billion in subsidies.We thought that the old “blank check” trick would work again, but instead we tripped ourselves up.About the “$52 billion subsidy” what would you like to pay, also struggle inside the United States for a long time, but the bill through are near misses, who opposed a lot, a total of 210 people don’t agree to pay, and the one who agreed to pay only 222 votes, obviously, the subsidies paid or “reluctant”.So why did the US pass it anyway, given its reluctance?Clearly, the United States also encountered a serious lack of core crisis, four word summary, can not carry.According to the data, chip supply inventory in the United States has dropped from 40 days to 5 days.To add insult to injury, if America does not pass the $52 billion subsidy bill, the chip giants that have been tricked into building factories in America will start to fight back.In addition to the CHIP crisis in the United States, in fact, the European Union is the same.The European Union is also understood to be planning to offer billions of euros in subsidies to lure semiconductor giants to build local factories and boost chip production.Therefore, the United States is equivalent to “there are pursuers before, behind the tiger”, if the “52 billion dollar subsidy” commitment is not completed, these semiconductor giants are likely to stop the plan to build factories in the United States, join the Eu camp.Of course, in the context of global core shortage, “offending” semiconductor companies is not a wise choice, so the United States can only bear the “shot in the foot” behavior.This shows that the lack of core is not the problem Facing China, the world is experiencing the lack of core crisis.But from another perspective, this is exactly the opportunity for China’s semiconductor industry.Against the background of global semiconductor development slowing down, if China’s semiconductor can quickly achieve breakthroughs and progress, it may have the opportunity to narrow the gap between China and the semiconductor power, and fully realize the self-sufficiency of chips.After all, dependence on imports is not for a long time, or need to have their own technology and their own chips, in order not to worry about being “jammed”.What do you think about that?Welcome to leave a comment!