“This is the happiest ending of my life.”

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Chang Zhuangqi, 83, has donated 1.2 million yuan of his life savings to the Red Cross society of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, all of which will be used to support poor, disabled and orphaned students who are good at character and learning at the Guyuan Vocational and technical School.After receiving the donation certificate issued by the staff, the old man said with relief, “Thank you for helping me complete my biggest wish!”Chang is a native of Changsha, Hunan Province.My grandfather is a well-known private school teacher and my father is a respected teacher.The family is very charitable and often gives generously to students.”At that time, although my family was small, it was very lively. There were often more than 20 students of my father in my home during holidays.”Chang recalled that when his father taught in Hunan province, students in remote mountainous areas often couldn’t go home during vacations — not only did they have no travel expenses, but their return would only add to the burden of food rations for a family that could not afford to put food on the table.Chang’s father invited the students to dinner and introduced them to work-study opportunities.In addition, also set rules, near the New Year, home 100 kilometers from the school students, a silver dollar, 200 kilometers from the school students, two silver dollars.”At that time, the purchasing power of a silver dollar was very strong, and a few coppers were often enough for the journey home. But my father gave the students silver dollars and told them to pack their families in their hearts wherever they went and to bring gifts and medicines to their parents, brothers and sisters.”Here, Chang Laughed: “How much money can a teacher have? I was hungry when I was young, but my father’s students in my home, but not cold and hungry.”At the age of 18, Chang moved to Pingluo County, Shizuishan City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region with his family to settle down.After graduating from Ningxia Medical College (now Ningxia Medical University), he became the chief physician of the Endocrinology Department of the People’s Hospital of The Autonomous Region and the academic member of the third and fourth committees of the Endocrine Society of The Chinese Medical Association.Although suffering from poliomyelitis, in addition to routine treatment in the hospital, Chang Zhuang often dragged his inconvenient right leg to carry out free treatment in various counties and towns in Ningxia.”The eyes of the poor students eager to read and change their fate, and the frostbite on my fingers in the cold winter hurt me deeply. Such a situation reminds me of my grandparents’ help to the students in my childhood.”Once, during a medical business exchange in Guyuan, Ningxia, Chang Zhuangqi was shocked by the relatively backward conditions of local vocational education.He made up his mind that he would help these children so that they could continue their education.Since then, the doctor has made it a rule to put all the money he saves into the bank and donate it to his children.He would wear the same clothes for years, and even couldn’t bear to get a good pair of lenses after eye surgery.Difficulties and hardships, Jade Yu Cheng, is his struggle all the way to the inspirational song;Frugality to raise virtue, love and dedication, he pursued a gentleman’s character all his life.In recent years, the old man has undergone several surgeries due to physical reasons. With the deterioration of his health, the mood of realizing his wish is also more urgent. “We must leave money to those who need it most.”At the end of last year, Chang decided to donate all his savings to the Guyuan Vocational and technical school.In his opinion, although Guyuan city has achieved all poverty alleviation, the economic foundation of some students’ families is still weak. “After graduation, most of the children will stay in the nearby Guyuan area to work and become local labor force.The more support and encouragement they receive, the more they will feel secure and hardworking.”He saved countless people for decades;In the twilight of life, we spend our life savings to help more poor teenagers fly against the wind.Chang zhuangqi said: “This is the most happy ending of my life!I hope the children can study hard and love their country and family.”Fan Wenjie, Reporter of Our Newspaper, The People’s Political Consultative Conference (The 11th edition on February 08, 2022)