Shoveling away clumps of snow, he “fixes” the slopes in the Winter Olympics

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Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yipoint reporter Ma Xiaojie February 20 evening, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics closed.In the Olympic Games, in addition to athletes, there are many together for the event efforts of the staff.Li Song, a native of Weifang, is one of them. He is the domestic technical officer of the Nordic two events at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.From skiing enthusiasts to skiing practitioners, from Weifang “skiing” to the Beijing Winter Olympics, Li Song broke the right eye vision disability brought by the limit, in skiing this extreme sport, constantly breaking their own limits.For snow sports, the quality of snow is extremely important.Li Song told qilu Evening News · Qilu point reporter, he is responsible for the Nordic biathlon competition on the site requirements almost abnormal.Nordic combined, which consists of ski jumping and cross-country skiing, is widely regarded as one of the most difficult winter events.The Beijing 2022 Nordic Combined competition was held at the National Ski Jumping Center and the National Cross-country Skiing Center in The Chunli District of Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. Three gold MEDALS were won: individual standard platform + 10km cross-country skiing, individual man jumping + 10km cross-country skiing, and team big jumping + 4x5km cross-country skiing.Among them, the standard platform from the end of the platform to the standard point of the distance is 95 meters, the large platform from the end of the platform to the standard point of the distance is 125 meters.”You have to ski, take off and jump at 100 kilometers per hour in a very consistent sequence of difficult movements.”Li Songshui.The platform in Nordic combined is about distance and air posture. The athlete starts from the slide at the top of the big disk of snow Ruyi and jumps into the air from the starting point with the help of gravitational potential energy. After flying for some distance with the body and the board in a V-shape, he lands at the landing zone of the big disk at the bottom.Li Song told qilu Evening News · Qilu One point reporter, the slide is made of ice, to ensure that there is no ice chips, ice water on the slide, so that athletes can get the maximum acceleration before the jump.The landing zone is snow, which needs to be cushioned by its smoothness.”This requires us to put on skis and use the skis’ blades to shovel away the caked snow.”Li Songshui.In order to ensure the smooth and smooth running of the race, Li song and his fellow domestic technical officials need to check the piste step by step before each race, front foot next to back foot.”Wearing a double board, more than 20 people in a herringbone line, step by step inspection, the maximum two times a day.”Li said that in addition to the preparation work before the competition, domestic technical officials are also needed to repair the pistes in a timely and prompt manner during the competition.”This process in broadcast of the game often don’t reflect in the lens, but it is particularly important, because a player on the slide, the ground is bound to effect on ski slopes, such as the slope of the snow will become more tight, lost a certain buffer action, so in order to ensure every athlete can in the most accord with a standard on the trail of the game,We need to get to the trail as soon as possible.”Li Songshui.At this Winter Olympics, Zhao Jiwen represented China in Nordic combined, ending the history of the Olympic winter Games in this event without Chinese participation.Suffering from low self-esteem, li Song, 36, from Weifang, Shandong Province, now works for GOSKIOG, an original Ski brand in China.But at the age of 18, a keen skier was sentenced to death.”He has a detached retina in his right eye. He can’t do strenuous exercise. He has to hold his head even when he sneezes.”Li said he spent most of his 18 – and 19-year-old years lying on his stomach in his bedroom, delaying the gaokao.He described the two years as an absolute low point, “very confused, no direction for my life.”After two years of recuperation in bed, li song’s vision in his right eye recovered to the degree of light and blurred outline, and his weight increased from 114 kg to 200 kg. “At that time, he felt extremely inferior. Fortunately, he met a cool sport and a group of cool friends.”At the age of 22, Li song accidentally saw a skateboarding video on the Internet and was attracted by the sense of freedom skateboarding offered. He began to wonder if he could have such freedom and happiness, so after consulting a doctor, he began to try skateboarding carefully.”It was scary at first because I’m different from normal people and I can’t fall down.”Li song described his condition at that time as limited movement due to visual disability, but his love for sports was indelible.Fortunately, he met a group of friends who love street culture through skateboarding.”One of my friends has been a big influence on me and has given me the biggest encouragement.When I hesitated, he told me, ‘Enjoy your freedom and have fun while you are young.'”With the encouragement of his friends, Li Song began to challenge himself and break through his limits.When the friend died in an accident a few years later, Li song made his wish come true.”He wants more people to experience the joy of street culture and extreme sports.With the help of these friends, I opened a skate shop and became a skate teacher, bringing more people to skate with me.”Li Song recalled that when his skateboard shop started, the turnover could not support the rent, and it was only with the help of his friends who shared the same passion that he could survive. “They helped me beyond their own ability.It’s cool that a group of friends who love extreme sports pushed the envelope in helping me.”It was with the help of his “cool” friends and the confidence he built during his sports that He pulled himself out of the slump.After the Winter Olympics, li Song started skiing in 2013 and switched from skateboarding to skiing.”I’m the slowest learner of anyone I know.”The impact of monocular vision disability on extreme sports can be imagined. “The first movement I learned was falling leaves on the back edge, while others learned it in a day. I practiced it for a week.”Every time Li song learns a new movement, he is faced with difficulties beyond ordinary people, and his efforts are multiplied.However, when asked how he persevered in the face of such setbacks, he replied: “These are setbacks, but nothing compared to the two years when I was ill.People who climb out of extreme inferiority are extremely strong.”Relying on the spirit of “benben birds fly first”, Li Songyuan has paid more than normal people to support his love of extreme sports.In ski circles, he is known by the name asso.Once established the largest ski club in Weifang, represented Weifang in the first and second winter National Games of Shandong Province, and became the national professional ski instructor and the first snowboard waxing division.He started from The Weifang Tuo Mountain ski resort, step by step to the Olympic Games “snow ruyi”.For the end of the Winter Olympics, Li Song felt a little sad, but more is infinite expectations.”After the Winter Olympics, I feel like I can think of anything.This Winter Olympics in China hatched the growth of freestyle skiing, may be more than ten years can not reach, can be said to be a history of the express train.”Li attributed his achievement to The Times. “It’s cool and lucky to catch this train in my life.”