Production was blocked by the police patrol to solve problems

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In the activities of “security protection” and “Concept, ability and Style Construction year”, Tongbo County Public Security Bureau took “six prevention and six promotion” as the starting point, closely combined with the work of “optimizing the business environment and ten thousand police to help ten thousand enterprises”, actively investigated and resolved conflicts and disputes involving enterprises, to ensure the stability of public security and good production and operation order.On February 18, Tongbai Public Security River police station police successfully resolved a contradiction and disputes involving enterprises, to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and the masses.At 9:00 a.m. on the same day, dahe police station police patrol in the area of prevention and control work, when the line to dahe town outside a village near a mining area, found that the production area of the mining area gathered some people Shouting.The police immediately got off the bus to check the situation and stopped the two sides who were quarrelling.It turned out that the two sides were mining workers and residents of the village.After understanding, the mine operator before the enterprise through formal procedures, from the owner lei mou took over the mine, and the mine 20 acres of mountain land compensation paid lei mou, then ready to start production and management.However, after the start of production, but was blocked by villagers Ma and several other households, claiming that these mountains still have their land, asking the enterprise to their land compensation cash after production.There was a bitter dispute between the two sides.In order to resolve this conflict and dispute in time, the police immediately report to the leadership of the relevant situation, at the same time, the pluralistic resolution mechanism, in conjunction with the town government enterprise office, the location of the mining area of the village committee, the villagers’ representatives, the disputed parties, etc., formed a joint investigation team, jointly carry out the conflict and dispute resolution work.By publicizing relevant laws and regulations, presenting signed agreements, investigating insiders, presenting facts and reasoning, we guide enterprises to operate legally, educate villagers to abide by laws and disciplines, and consciously support enterprises’ production.Through a lot of work, the enterprise and ma villagers finally reached an agreement, such as ma and other villagers to support the enterprise production, not to stop the production and business operation, the enterprise, said an official with the investigation after work, if you need to cover an area of compensation, such as ma villagers will fulfill relevant formalities in time, immediately put in place.At this point, the contradictions and disputes involving enterprises have been successfully resolved.(Zhao Xianzhi, Xiao Shuding, Yan Gaoming)