Leshan’s “Well Research Peasant painting” adds luster to the Spring Festival

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Jingyan County of Leshan City is located in the southwest of Sichuan Basin, next to mount Emei — Leshan Giant Buddha, which is the world’s natural and cultural heritage.In this land of “salt is in Sichuan” and “people are in Upper Canton” live a group of “mud legs” painters.With one hand busy with seasonal farming and the other hand holding a paintbrush, they “paint the sky, the earth, themselves, the mountains, the water, and the countryside”. They have created many masterpieces centering on the core socialist values and rural revitalization, which have made “Well-Studied Farmers’ Paintings” full of earthy fragrance famous throughout the country.Jingyan farmers’ paintings take the melody of The Times as the theme, and mostly contain traditional patterns such as folk festival, accepting good fortune and so on.Rao Shaoqing was one of the representatives of farmers’ paintings in Jingyan. In order to paint farmers’ paintings well, he spent every day in the fields as the head of the cultural station in Fangquan township, carefully observing rural life and agricultural production, dealing with simple farmers, and then drawing these rural life and culture into art works.Hundreds of works flow from his pen, becoming a window to the outside world to show the new atmosphere of Jingyan countryside.Inspired by Rao Shaoqing, many farmers’ art lovers have also plucked up the courage to take up their brushes and become more and more involved in the creation of farmers’ paintings.Nie, RaoYi, 李骥 palace, my love, such as farmers painting painters had been, to create the “China dream, local situation, JingYan farmers painting” the JingYan farmer paints, painting integrity, “” JingYan farmers painting, painting the rule of law”, “JingYan farmer paints sex, socialist core values,” “JingYan farmer paints, art” epidemic “of the wars, JingYan farmer paints words party history, and other series.In order to cater to the reunion atmosphere of the Spring Festival, jingyan farmers painting painters have created their own distinctive paintings, let us enjoy it together!The ease in sichuan a painting depicting the foreign friends to the Chinese New Year, China’s sichuan wearing tiger hat, put on new clothes, or wander the streets, or in shu in the landscape, they involved, feel happy, also praised in sichuan is both comfortable and lively, express people Shared human warmth, the subject to share happy moments.”Fu Yu” the use of people’s favorite elements: happy birds make plum, red lanterns, rich peony, harvest fruits and so on, the heart of a big “blessing”, expressed the blessing of the New Year: I wish everyone happy, rich, red luck when the top, grain abundance, happiness in the heart.”Prosperous years” a painting to blend farmers painting, New Year painting and decorative painting as a furnace of folk painting art language, depicting a thriving, bustling Spring Festival scene, to express the new era of Chinese people harmony and beauty, sharing the theme of a happy life, express the author of prosperous years and well-off life of the gallery and praise!Works “Harvest Year Salami” dew bath wu ash white, frost urging orange grapefruit yellow.The fragrant season of pomelo is a good time to make preserved food.The scene of making sausage and bacon in the courtyard conveys the joy of good harvest and the atmosphere of “New Year flavor”, and also reflects the harmony and abundance of people’s life, which is also a vivid embodiment of our happy well-off life.Article/photo: Micro well research editor: Nie Yao Review: Feng Xiaogang