Eat melon was involved in the dispute, Sally strong state back, fourteen sword Ji into a clown

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Live community is a place of heat for a, so some anchor behind seemingly bizarre behavior, there is the emergence of the script, after all today’s networks need stimulation is constantly, and the recent period of time, pattern and the day is gray is staged a live world biggest melons, believe a lot of friends all heard, the war also affected a lot of anchor,Especially some irrelevant anchors, originally Sally was ready to eat melon, who did not expect this thing will happen to them.Fourteen jian ji is an anchor, especially on the time he was fourteen is king, popularity and so is not low, the same as the host game, Sally two people inevitably will encounter in the game, and it is because of this, so a grudge can be said to be two people, after all fourteen jian ji to Sally’s attitude has always been not very friendly,And as this time fourteen sword ji said he blew Sally’s material is very fierce, Sally himself is not care about, even has been in fourteen sword ji broadcast room and other news.Have to say that Sally is very like his face, heard the news is also launched their own black material, after 14 sword but also is to let her see live people are disappointed, because 14 jian she simply couldn’t take any evidence, completely is a rumor or hearsay, more is too much in the baidu search Sally’s black material directly,See this operation is true to confuse the users, after all, live Baidu search black material, fourteen sword ji is absolutely the first person.Is actually in the final analysis because Sally think jian ji 14 actors, and 14 jian she felt Sally to cheat feelings, fan cheat money for live fourteen jian ji, Sally is also took out a lot of evidence directly, after all, Sally and fourteen jian ji that inning before games, 14 jian ji really pit, so Sally would say that, as for the female powder,Sally also posted a lot of chat records to prove her innocence.Have to say, as the day pattern and gray matter, today’s war games live not in the minority, even also revealing all day is gray is a script, this sort of thing is the net friend of IQ by friction on the ground, Sally’s hard this time just also let many people see the anchor for this sort of thing the right attitude,And Sally and 14 sword hime final outcome is nothing more than 14 sword hime become a clown, really steal chicken can not eat rice.