Build a platform for talent, and promote the high-quality development of industry and talent integration in Shibei District

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Peninsula network April 2 – in recent years, shibei District bureau of Human resources and Social Security vigorously implement the talent priority development strategy, based on the current opening trend in Shibei, adhere to the demand to attract, gather talents with industry, and strive to play the “head geese effect” in the “talent strong district” strategy, talent work made new breakthroughs.In 2021, more than 26,000 students with doctor’s degree, master’s degree and college degree will be introduced, ranking the second in the whole city. Shibei District has become one of the main districts with the most sought after young talents in Qingdao.Central business district (CBD) in 2021, the district people club bureau key zone and the province the harbor be mother, cruise port in the group, square head companies such as car, divisions, field MoPai enterprises more than 20000 talent demand in the region. The organization to carry out the online job fairs, ZhaoCaiYinZhi school, central business district youth talent demand promotion activities such as more than 30 times.The RCEP International Talent Service Center will be built to a high standard, and an international talent service enabling platform will be built that integrates policy recommendation, talent recruitment, innovation and entrepreneurship, market-oriented operation, and life services, providing 72 services for talents and enterprises of all kinds.Innovative implementation of “one enterprise, one policy” talent customized services, fully open the enterprise appeal to “order”, the government to honor the “order” service mode.Adhere to the integrated innovation, cross-border integration, circle the specialized cooperation, life circle of friends, diversification of fu can circle, build talent service “ecosystem”, push in integrating talents, capital, technology, information, stimulate the talents to the greatest extent innovation vigor, the experience in advanced talent service work in the city named outstanding typical cases.In 2022, the District Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security will focus on the development layout of “Two zones and three zones” and the characteristic industrial system of “2+6”, innovate the working mechanism of talents, and accelerate the integration of industry and talents to achieve high-quality development.Since this year, held the “green goose homing Central business district (CBD) north gather intelligence “business travel activities, organization of more than 30 college students successively to ancient MaiJiaHe, six companies such as visual volunteers to view and immersive experience, for the best five companies such as the group, soft control docking 100 college students practice and employment demand, to attract the masses of young talent in shibei employment entrepreneurship.In collaboration with the Organization Department of the District Committee and Beijing Huaxia Cornerstone HUMAN Resource Management Service Co., LTD., the first HR office in China was established, adopting the business model of “consulting as the body and service as the use”, providing precise and customized professional human resource services to facilitate the growth and development of small and medium-sized enterprises and talents.With the help of market forces, We will work out the construction plan of shibei District talent recruitment service platform, and plan to upgrade the talent recruitment platform to further activate the talent development momentum.Thousands of years of foundation, talent for this.Shibei District Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security will focus on the superposition of national strategies and the great transformation and challenge of the construction of a modern international metropolis, focus on regional economic development and talent production ecology, and deepen the construction of “Shibei mode” of talent empowerment service.Closely following the “Double Sea” talent strategy, taking the opportunity of the national Human resource service export base, HR firms extend their service tentpole, further enrich the connotation of “Shibei model”, promote grassroots HR firms in the streets, and build human resource service scenes.Carry out a series of talent recruitment activities such as live broadcasting and post taking, find out the talent demand of key enterprises, issue quarterly and annual reports on talent supply and demand and flow in North Shibei District, and provide data support for talent work.We will strengthen services for international talents, build a greenhouse for overseas returnees to study and create, build an ecological system for intelligent talents, improve the convenience of talent flow, and provide intellectual support for building a prosperous, beautiful and happy modern international urban area.