Beware of low temperature rain and snow freezing disaster!Hubei released a risk assessment report on natural disasters in February

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E-mail:, Tel: 027-88221118, fax:In order to improve the pertinence and effectiveness of natural disaster prevention and control work in Hubei Province, and ensure peace and harmony during the Spring Festival, the Office of Disaster Reduction Committee of Hubei Province recently organized relevant departments to conduct a special conference on the risk situation of natural disaster in February 2022, and formed a report.The report pointed out that February is the transition season from winter to spring in Our province, and the frequent intersection of cold and warm air flows and the increase of people and logistics have always been the peak of natural disasters and safety accidents.In February this year, compared with the same period of the previous year, the temperature was lower and the precipitation was concentrated, so we need to guard against chain disasters caused by extreme weather such as rain, snow and ice, cold wave and wind, heavy fog and haze, and strong convection weather, as well as the adverse impact of seasonal safety risks such as traffic accidents, urban fires and carbon monoxide poisoning on people’s work and life.The probability of periodic low temperature rain, snow and freezing weather is greatly influenced by the warm and wet airflow from southwest and the cold air from north moving southward. From late January to early February, there will be a period of continuous low temperature rain and snow weather in Our province.From the early development trend, this cooling has the following characteristics: First, the process of rain and snow is frequent, and the snow and ice in western China are obvious.Since late January, our province has experienced three snowfall process, expected later two process of rain and snow, big to blizzard has focused on the western hubei shiyan, xiangyang, shennongjia, yichang, suizhou, jingmen, the province most snow depth of 5 ~ 15 cm, local can reach more than 20 cm, part of the mountain elevations has appeared obvious phenomenon of snow and ice.Second, the accumulated amount of rain and snow has a wide impact.This round of rain and snow is unusually heavy, most of the province accumulated 40 ~ 80 mm of rain and snow, more than one time than the same period in history, affected by low temperature rain and snow, southwest Hubei, Jianghan plain accompanied by freezing rain weather.Percentage forecast of Precipitation anomaly in February 2022 in Hubei Province (%)This kind of wet and cold weather will continue to early February, from the first day to the third day of the Chinese New Year (February 1st to 3rd), there will be a moderate intensity of snow in our province, and there will still be weak rain and snow in the south around the 5th day, until the middle of February this kind of weather will ease.Under the action of the long time, large area and thick amount of winter rain and snow process, the probability of low temperature rain, snow and freezing disaster in some areas of Hubei province is very high during the Spring Festival, especially in the alpine mountains of Shiyan, Xiangyang, Shennongjia, Yichang, Suizhou and Jingmen in the west of Hubei province.And the east of jianghan plain, hubei hilly region of northeast, southeast of hubei, the possibility of snow by polyu, to fully ready to fight against low temperature sleet ice disaster, should actively use of rain and snow weather clearance to do a good job of the snow melt the ice, cold heat preservation, prevent the superposition of ice and snow who, cold freezing rain factors of production and living, and the negative impact of the festival activities.Write in February 2022 in the Yangtze river basin precipitation anomaly percentage forecast figure conversion (%) season pushed up a variety of disasters may from climate trends, the province before the temperature low in February, with less precipitation after more than before, after the early stage of the cold and snow of the late qing dimming is given priority to, the change of the large span of other disasters bring uncertainty.Agriculture: In the middle and late February, the temperature warms up, which is the critical period for the development of crop diseases and insect pests. The production of spring tillage for disease resistance and insect pests is stressed. On the one hand, the rape this year is more susceptible to sclerotinia and downy mildew due to the stem cracking caused by early freezing.On the other hand, affected by continuous low temperature and high humidity, gray mold and black star disease of vegetable in facility, soft rot and downy mildew of open vegetable are more likely to occur.Forest fire risk: Due to the influence of cooling and rainfall in late January and early February, forest fire risk in Our province generally decreased in early February.With the rise of temperature and decrease of precipitation, the forest fire risk will increase in the middle and late February.In particular, huanggang, Huangshi, Xianning, Ezhou, Xiaogan and Suizhou are at greater risk of local forest fire, which should be paid more attention to.In addition, February to prevent human factors caused by accidental forest fires as a key point of prevention: one to prevent people outdoor activities caused by forest fires.During the Spring Festival, people in Our province have the custom of visiting ancestral graves. In addition, affected by the epidemic during the Spring Festival this year, people have a high proportion of local leisure, and the number of people going into the mountains and forests for leisure and entertainment, picnic and barbecue will increase. A slight mistake will cause accidental fire.Two must prevent the forest fire that agriculture uses fire to cause.The middle and late February is the spring ploughing season, and agricultural field fires may appear in large numbers, which may easily cause forest fires in local areas.Third, it is necessary to prevent forest fires caused by the damage of high-voltage power grid and short circuit.The main reason is that the long-term rain and snow freezing may lead to the power grid tower down, disconnection and other factors resulting in secondary fire.Geological disasters: due to the influence of low temperature rain and snow weather and long-term weathering of unfavorable geological bodies, geological disasters may be scattered and frequent in February in our province.To be specific, there are risks of landslide and collapse in mountainous areas of western hubei and low hills and hills of southeastern Hubei.The risk of ground collapse exists in the mining concentrated areas such as Huangshi, Ezhou and Jingmen.There are bank collapse risks along the Yangtze river and Han River, especially in the Three Gorges and Danjiangkou reservoir areas.(Hubei Emergency Management)