Baise first xu so-and-so by network violence, rumor cost is too low root!

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During the Spring Festival of 2022, people in most parts of China are immersed in the festive atmosphere of the New Year, which is supposed to be filled with family reunion, eating dumplings, pasting Spring Festival couplets and watching the Spring Festival Gala…It should be a very festive day, but some people are not happy because of the epidemic, xu xx from Guangxi Baise is one of them, not only not happy, but this year is very bad, when it comes to the reason, or related to the damn epidemic.From shenzhen city, guangdong province, xu x years ago since the New Year’s day drove back to the guangxi baise debao county rock street, before you had to do to the nucleic acid, nucleic acid showed just driving home is negative, then, xu so-and-so returned home after the baise but showed positive for nucleic acid detection, this can be, all of a sudden the baise is fallen,People in the whole city were shrouded in the shadow of the epidemic. It was difficult to go out, not to mention celebrate the Spring Festival like people in other regions, and all of them had to stay at home in isolation. To this day, the quarantine has not been lifted.Xu has been in isolation for treatment after the outbreak of the epidemic. Originally, since the outbreak was found, we will honestly cooperate with the treatment.However, at this time, but there are some illegal netizens malicious slander Xu so-and-so is “poison king”, even xu so-and-so back to baise city is to open a room to cheat with his mistress, also spread the so-called wechat chat screenshots, good guy, that is a regular as if there really is the truth.All of a sudden, these are not rumors but rumors!This is the victim of the epidemic xu so-and-so pushed up to the forefront of the storm, so that all the people who believe the rumor xu so-and-so’s ancestors have greeted the 18 times.Be abused saliva get dog blood drench head xu so-and-so that call a mute eat coptis, have bitter nowhere to say!Fortunately, justice comfortable people, in xu so-and-so was network violence, Baise city health commission promptly stood out for Xu so-and-so refuted the rumor, the so-called “poison king” said not credible, xu so-and-so and mistress open the rumor was also broken, also xu so-and-so a innocence.In fact, the old summer sorted out the time development clues of the event, and found that the so-called rumor is really very unthinking, Xu so-and-so is really more than Dou E!First of all, from the perspective of time, Xu drove out from Shiyan Street in Shenzhen city on January 26. Shiyan street was still in a low-risk area at that time, and it was adjusted to a medium-risk area on February 4. That is to say, xu did not know that she had been infected when she set out for home.Secondly, from xu’s behavior before and after returning home, it was an honest mistake for Xu to bring the epidemic back to Baise.Xu had consciously gone to the nucleic acid testing station for nucleic acid testing before returning to her hometown. She started to return to her hometown only after learning that the nucleic acid test result was negative.And, xu returned home, after the outbreak of shiyan, again consciously to the local nucleic acid testing site for testing, just know that they have been infected, but it was too late, because the epidemic has been spread.After the outbreak of the epidemic, Xu has been staying in the isolation point for isolation and treatment, and has not committed any other acts of malicious spread of the epidemic.Therefore, Xu played the role of an innocent person in the whole event, and some netizens’ malicious accusations against her, and malicious rumors and insults, went too far.Under the environment of network developed era, network violence is almost happen every day, many people are critical but don’t know how to maintain the defense of torment, can do is stand was black and blue all over body for myself a few words of pale, didn’t open my mouth has been flooded again among the network violence in saliva, still live in by network violence after the endless pain.What about Internet abusers?Hide behind the keyboard to lead a quick mouth, the net violent person mercilessly stepped into the abyss, but need not accept any punishment, still in real life righteously acted as the role of a gentleman.To put it bluntly, the evil root of net violence is that the cost of net violence is too low!Often can hear such and such a person after the network violence suicide, lost young life news, but rarely heard such and such network violence initiator was legal sanctions news, keyboard man crime cost is too low, resulting in they can be so unscrupulous network violence others.In today’s society under the rule of law, is not only a social development forward, relevant laws and regulations also should keep pace with The Times, old summer hope relevant departments can more clear about the network violence crime punished, hiding behind the keyboard to abuse others, disinformation, trampled dignity of others, others in the wound top sa salt, to encroach on other people’s pain for pleasure “buffoon” one by one to justice!Also by the network of violent people a fair, but also the world a lang Lang universe!Well, that’s all for this old summer.Pay attention to current events and talk about hot life.I am Lao Xia, who like this article, feel free to comment and like it below and share it with you!See you next time!Note: This article is the “Old Summer talk about society” column of the original manuscript, welcome to reprint comments, but do not malicious plagiarism, will be prosecuted, thank you!