Anita Mui’s jade makeup box is revealed

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Hello!Hello, I am Mei.There are a lot of stars chasing jade, but she is the only one who makes xiao Qi sad every time she thinks about it, that beautiful woman — Anita Mui.Anita Mui is one of the founders and the first female president of Hong Kong Performing Artists Association.Her songs such as “Woman Flower” and “Intimate Lover” can be heard in the streets of mainland China.Anita Mui’s father died at an early age and her family was poor. She and her sister performed on the stage at the amusement park at a young age.She came to our attention in 1982 when she won the first Rookie Singing contest.She later broke into the music world with her album Heart Debt.Anita Mui held 15 concerts from 1985 to 1986. In 2009, she became the female singer with the most solo concerts in the world.From 1987 to 1988, she became a four-part actress in Rouge.Apart from her passion for performing arts, Anita Mui also actively devoted herself to public welfare and charity. She founded the Anita Mui Charity Foundation to help those in need.This amazing woman passed away in 2003, leaving behind untold stories about her.Among them, those jewelry and jade ornaments are telling her life’s joys and sorrows.On September 9th, 2011, a special auction about Anita Mui was being held by Sotheby’s Hong Kong. The auction was named “Youth is a masterpiece — Anita Mui jewelry and Watch Collection”.The jadeite that designs in this auction 1925, gem matchs diamond and enamel colour small make up box very eye-catching, this make up box is Cartier 20 centuries 20 time work, it is Cartier classic make.This makeup box grows only 8.4 centimeters, to go to the lavatory lady to carry, still have exquisite chain buckle on makeup box, facilitate buckle makeup box at finger.On adornment, makeup box is very typical kadeya style at that time, regard as central design with jadeite, contain Chinese style style, make whole makeup box already vogue is elegant dyein, this jewelry box is finally by Hong Kong two depend on collect museum income bag.There are different opinions about why the box was put on the auction block, some say it was to pay for Anita Mui’s mother’s alimony, and at one point, it even involved her inheritance.Anita Mui once said at her last curtain call that she had many chances to get married, but she ended up regretful and finally married herself to music and fans.If Anita Mui is going to get married, her husband may not be Leslie Cheung, Andy Lau, or someone else, most likely It will be Vincent Chiu.But now Cho has a happy family of his own.His wife is wearing a jade peace buckle worth ten million!If Anita Mui and Zhao wenzhuo had not broken up, I think Anita Mui would have worn her wedding dress for him and the jade jewelry he gave her.But the reality never gives if the opportunity, perhaps each has the destiny?That’s what Mei shares with you today.I am Mei, pay attention to me, share with you jade dry goods!Pictures from the network, if any infringement please inform to delete.