A dream, a dream if floating

2022-04-25 0 By

Recently I often think that if a person can forget his mind for a long time, then what is left in our lifetime?A lot of people seem to be more deep in this society, these people blame this society, but who can really think of the final blame ourselves.We are playing deep ah, are in exclamation!Last night, I quietly walked through the river where I grew up, where I read the school, where I grew up the footprint, where THERE is my life years witness.Though those were past and long lost in the river, I could on such a night, hurried into the school every road, and I seemed so familiar in the night.I do not know why, my heart with that past time searching.As I walked off the school basketball court, I saw the road to Willow Creek, but I don’t know why, I suddenly saw the house, many people may have seen the house, or many people have forgotten it.I really don’t know why, I suddenly walked to the house, just walked not far, I saw a child in the stone wall to wipe what left, I tried to call the child, told him not to wipe, but the child on the contrary more vigorous, kept wiping some of the handwriting we left.I know I like children very much, but I don’t know why, even hard to catch up with the child, catch him hard to play, more strange is that the child is stubborn, I beat him all blood, but he is not pardon.Until I was exhausted, I finally walked in the opposite direction and sat down at the kiosk, looking out over the fields.Suddenly I woke up, I suddenly sat up, stupidly sitting on the bed, come to, I went to the balcony, looking at the moonlight outside the distance, I know this is a dream.Looking at the lights of the city in the distance, looking at the bauhinia downstairs, my heart staring at the distance, thinking of everything in the dream.Although everyone is now nine to five everything is ok, but tonight I do not know why in the heart so a dream!