The supermarket’s four biggest failures, rejected for being too cheap, are actually pure without a drop of flavour

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Through the ages, baijiu has always been a topic that men can’t get around.Nowadays, choose wine in the supermarket became a “knowledge” however, want to drink good wine, how much must understand a bit of liquor knowledge, really, this is not to bully the wine friend who does not know?However, in “how to choose baijiu” on this matter, it is not as complicated as imagined, the simplest method is to follow around knowledgeable old drunkards to choose, to ensure that a correct choice.In supermarkets, there are a lot of cheap, “unloved” liquor that many people probably won’t even look at, but who is it sold to?In fact, this kind of wine looks cheap, but it is genuine pure grain good wine, cost-effective is also very high, loved by the old drunkards, often this kind of wine as a daily ration wine to drink.In the supermarket, these 4 cheap white spirits are all high-quality pure grain and good wine.Bamboo Leaf Green Wine Actually, this wine does not belong to the traditional sense of liquor, but belongs to health drinks.Because of its special function, and good entrance, once very popular with the majority of wine friends, and even appeared in the market a bottle of hard to find the scene, very hot.Nowadays, with the fierce competition in the market and the diversity of consumer demand, the reputation of this wine is greatly reduced, and it is very lonely and can only be placed in the corner of the supermarket.Bouquet: it has a rich, full-bodied, yellowish color and a faint aroma.Palate: fresh on the mouth, with a hint of bamboo, but not bitter, a very refreshing, refreshing feeling, the aftertaste is endless, want another cup.Jun Zhongyuan private wine “craftsmanship inheritance” has always been the original intention of this wine brewing.From brewing up to now, the founder Zeng Chuanzheng (the disciple of Li Xingfa, the former deputy director of Maotai factory) has been insisting on the use of the traditional kunsha wine making process, although the process is quite tedious, but the wine quality is very high!The so-called “kunsha” is to select the best batch of sorghum for brewing, and the crushing rate must be less than 20 percent, the purpose of doing so is to retain the original grain aroma to the greatest extent.When the lid is opened, the aroma is strong and comfortable. In the blink of an eye, the whole room is filled with the aroma of wine. “Not seeing the wine, smell the wine first”, very intoxicated.Taste: after a shallow taste, the sauce flavor explosively in the mouth, constantly sweeping the taste buds, rich in layers, mellow and delicate, after drinking one cup, want to have another cup, the aftertaste is endless.Drunkard this wine has had a roller-coaster ride in its reputation, but the quality of the wine has also improved greatly, making it a favorite of older drinkers.The aroma of this wine belongs to the fragrant aroma, a mouthful of three incense, rich sense of layers, do not have some flavor, and difficult to copy, many knowledgeable wine friends are boxes to store at home.Taste: fragrant harmony, elegant, soft and mellow taste, outstanding style, long aftertaste, it is a rare good taste, drink people nod praise.The packaging of jade cicada Daqu wine is really too low-key, belongs to the pure grain wine of light bottles worthy of the name.However, the wine quality is very excellent, colorless and transparent liquor, gently shaking, full hops and not easy to dissipate, smell of sweet flowers and fruits, delicate fragrance, comfortable and harmonious.Palate: Very soft on the palate, with a rich wine aroma on the lips and a long aftertaste, and even if you drink a few more glasses of wine, it will not go to head, let alone affect the next day’s work.Finally, at the feast, and drink everyday since, at the time of wine, suggest you choose good wine, pure food rather than is seemingly “good wine”, but “packaging” faints wine, in addition, the price also is not a bad wine, there are a lot of good wine, pure grain price is not expensive, and the taste is also very good!