The food at Giant Deer is really good!

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Program production: Zhang Huarui Business Yingyao — “What flavor ah?”‘–‘ Great deer!”Smell of A Giant Deer,” Season 2, Issue 108. The inheritance of julu’s tofu brain from a family of three generations ●7. This bean paste cake is eaten by many Julu people ●6.4, This sichuan hot pot giant Deer!●3, giant deer “monkey climbing pole” really sweet!
● Good for you!Look at the giant deer
●1, the giant deer “Yuqian bitter tired” come!The Spring Festival epidemic prevention and control, the focus is on safe travel, adhere to the “two do not”, to ensure that the risk is zero;Do not travel to medium-and high-risk areas and counties;It is not necessary to go to other counties in the city where medium-high risk areas are located.Release authoritative information to pay attention to the topic of the people welcome to pay attention to the county party committee, the county government only official public wechat a temperature public number julu County rong media center editor: Ma Qianqian Liu Jiaxin Ma Ling editor: Xu Biao