Snow patrol guard lights

2022-04-24 0 By

“There is a lot of snow on the bamboo here and it needs to be cleaned up!”On January 28, in Deqing County south road village hengling mountain, State Grid Deqing County power supply company moganshan power supply staff are carrying out a 10-kilovolt south route special patrol work, clean up the moganshan bamboo trees were overpowered by snow, actively respond to rain and snow freezing weather, to ensure the Spring Festival power supply in miniature.Some mountain areas in Deqing, Huzhou, have seen snow and continuous freezing weather since May 28.In recent days, the State Grid Deqing County power supply Company has strengthened power grid monitoring, implemented disaster prevention measures, and made every effort to do a good job of pre-holiday special inspection of power facilities to protect the safety and stability of the power grid.Up to now, more than 242 person-times and 66 vehicles have been dispatched to carry out special inspections of 42 110 kv and 35 kV transmission lines and 21 substations of 35 kv and above.Combined with the disaster situation during the rain, snow and freezing period in previous years, the company also sorted out the risk list of distribution lines, comprehensively cleaned up the trees and bamboo and advertising slogans around the lines and channels that might affect the safe operation of the lines, took measures to install cables to stabilize the poles, dealt with the hidden dangers of channels and equipment in a timely manner, and improved the anti-risk ability of the distribution network.In view of the shutdown and holiday of enterprises during the Spring Festival, the State Grid Deqing County Power Supply Company organized staff to visit and remind enterprises, assist enterprises to exit the reactive power compensation device, do a good job in electricity management, and further reduce the risk of power grid operation.In addition, the company also took the initiative to strengthen door-to-door inspection of power consumption safety of hospitals, nucleic acid testing sites, TELEVISION stations and other important users, reminding users to do a good job of risk prevention, and implementing backup power supply and emergency power supply measures.During the festival, the priorities of deqing county electric power supply company will continue to strengthen management, on duty has to carry out the repair team 12 a total of more than 160 people on duty 24 hours a day, prepare for emergency supplies and vehicles, complete with all kinds of spare parts, to ensure that once appear, rain and snow freeze result in line down situation, scientific and reasonable organization repairs can be the first time.(Cheung Young-hang)