Qatar World Cup qualifying road: The German chariots, looking to return to sweep the gloom

2022-04-24 0 By

Qualifying for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar isn’t over yet, but with a number of teams securing early tickets to the tournament, here’s a look back at the progress of the rest of the World Cup qualifiers, with the exception of host Qatar.Germany (Qualifying time: October 12, 2019) (World Preliminary Results:Battle 10 9-1) in this session of World Cup, Germany’s group is pretty good, they and the north, Macedonia, Romania, Armenia, Iceland and Liechtenstein points in the same team, there is no doubt that the five teams don’t cause too big threat to Germany, Germanic chariots promotion World Cup process seems to be very relaxed.Germany topped their group with 3-0 and 1-0 wins over Iceland and Romania in the opening stages of their qualifying campaign, but suffered an unexpected home shock to North Macedonia in the third round.They lost their first qualifier in almost 20 years, dropped from the top of their group to second, and joachim Low’s World Cup final failed to end on a high note.After a session of euro is not successful, Germany in September again on a World Cup campaign, the new coach frick also celebrates his debut as a coach, the team 2-0 away at tallied during Liechtenstein, also returned to the top position, since Germanic chariots are completed two victories, the first is in the home game 6:Following a 0-0 win over Armenia and a 4-0 win over Iceland, Germany have steadily increased the gap between the two sides and moved closer to qualifying for the World Cup since Frick took charge.After entering The month of October, Germany will face the most important two matches in the world qualifying tournament, they first at home 2:1 reversal against Romania, smoothly to get the three points, three days after the team at north to Macedonia, unlike in the first leg, it’s not give you any chance, they connected to 4 ball swept the board in the second half, in the case of two round, the team has been leading the Romania team up to eight points behind,As a result, Germany advanced to Qatar and became the first qualifier to qualify for the World Cup.As one of the most successful team in the world, it is of German tanks boarded the stage of World Cup 20 times, and since 1954, the 18th consecutive trip to the World Cup race stage, as is known to all, four years ago Russia gave the germans in memory, as the defending champion, a team at the bottom out of fate,It was the darkest moment German football had seen in years, so four years later in Qatar they will be eager to return to the top and get the results they deserve after their defeat to Kazan.Attached to Germany’s previous World Cup record: 1934: third, 1938: first round 1954: champion, 1958: fourth 1962: eight, 1966: runner-up 1970: third, 1974: champion 1978: Eight, 1982: runner-up 1986: runner-up, 1990:Champions 1994: Quarter-finals, 1998: Quarter-finals 2002: runner-up, 2006: third runner-up, 2010: Third runner-up, 2014: Champion 2018: Group Stage