“Losers” win too: The Olympics are not just about gold MEDALS, but inclusion and encouragement

2022-04-24 0 By

During this period of time, the hot search entries every day are basically related to the Winter Olympics, all kinds of thrilling games, Wang Meng’s immersive commentary is comparable to deyunshe crosstalk…As in previous championships, those moments were gripping, but different.The most let xiaoyi feel surprised is that this time, in the Olympic Games challenge failed athletes, also won countless applause and encouragement.Yuzuru Hanyu ranked fourth in men’s freestyle figure skating and failed to win a medal.4A challenge failed Yuanyu Yuanyu, is still won countless praise, whether Japanese netizens or Chinese netizens, have shown unprecedented inclusiveness.No one blamed Yuzuru Hanyu for his mistakes, but the netizens encouraged and admired him and were moved by his spirit of constantly challenging himself.Hanyu, who received more than 20,000 gifts and letters from Chinese fans in the days after the event and counting, said he felt “very lucky to play in such an atmosphere.”Not only that, Hanyu Yuanyu is still the king of goods, favored by advertising brands.According to incomplete statistics, he has 13 brand endorsements.In the Olympic Games, we no longer focus on the gold medal, but pay more attention to the fighting spirit, more from the heart of tolerance and encouragement for athletes.Jia Zongyang in the team competition error, the scene could not help but burst into tears, there is remorse in the voice, there is pain.Because of this mistake, we failed to win the gold medal of the mixed team event, which was somewhat disappointing. Fortunately, our net friends no longer criticized and complained bitterly, but loved this veteran.The athletes who won MEDALS and those who did not won MEDALS at the Olympics were praised by many netizens.Athletes will inevitably encounter difficulties and setbacks on the way to pursue their dreams and challenge their limits, and netizens pay tribute to all those who challenge themselves and move forward for their dreams. Such pictures are as wonderful as the moment of winning the gold medal.The Olympic Games brought us many surprises.From the net friends to the athletes, there is a big change in mentality, more tolerant and generous to the game, more pure to enjoy the game.As for the scoring controversy, many people are complaining for Su’s missing the gold medal, but su appealed to everyone to understand the Canadian judge’s wrong decision, saying that the purpose of the competition is to show the best of myself, so I am very satisfied.The Olympic spirit emphasizes unity and friendship, fair competition and mutual understanding, which is not a simple slogan, but requires concrete behavior. Su yiming has undoubtedly achieved it.With an inclusive and generous view of wins and losses, it’s no wonder That Su is so popular among netizens.Gu Ailing, the “perfect girl” in the eyes of the public, also inspires young people to be better themselves and brings us more expectations.Gu Brings us another side of athletes. In addition to hard training, she also shows more optimistic, fearless of failure, enthusiastic and confident traits.When she was behind in her own weak event, she did not choose safe and secure for the last jump, but challenged the ultra difficult movement that she had not done in training, and made a perfect comeback to win the gold medal.For her, pressure is an energy that she enjoys and strives to do her best. “I go into every race hoping to give my best, sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t, but most of all, I play for fun.”In the fragmented era of mobile Internet, athletes like Su and Gu, who pursue their dreams bravely and confidently without fear of failure, have undoubtedly encouraged more people to live a positive life.Break the “gold medal theory” and make the precious Olympic spirit more complete.Athletes in the Olympics, pushing their physical limits as hard as they can, are fine if they succeed, but not to blame if they don’t.Only by stepping out of the frame of “gold medal theory” can we face up to the competition. Gold medal or silver medal is just icing on the cake.As long as you have done your best, you deserve everyone’s respect. This applies to other industries as well.In addition to this Winter Olympics, Xiao Yi hopes that people can also be more tolerant and encouraging to others who are trying to live their lives.