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In order to deeply practice the core socialist values, promote the revitalization of traditional festivals, explore the ideas, humanistic spirit and moral standards contained in the excellent traditional Chinese culture, and enrich the spiritual and cultural life of residents, February 14,On the eve of the Lantern Festival, Xuhui District New Era Civilization Practice Center and Huajing Town New Era Civilization Practice Sub-center carried out our festival – Lantern Festival activity of “Festival and peace make The Lantern Festival intangible cultural heritage skills spread laughter”, so that the practice of new era civilization into thousands of families, but also let the traditional culture and intangible cultural heritage skills spread deep into the community.The new Era Civilization Practice Center of Huajing Town specially invited medical staff, community police, construction workers and all kinds of staff staying in Shanghai and the elderly living alone in the community.In shenghua Jingyuan New Era Civilization practice station, “Lanjing Ling” volunteers started busy early, kneading dough, mixing stuffing, rubbing, kneading, pressing, ball, one smiling face, one craft, one round white fat dumplings presented in front of everyone.The dumplings are filled with wishes and blessings, and the stomach-warming and heart-warming dumplings become the best holiday gift.
Different from previous Lantern Festival celebrations, the traditional culture and intangible cultural heritage skills brought by the activities have attracted many residents.The art of transmission and extension plays an incomparable special role in the inheritance of many traditional Chinese cultural skills.

The rubbing experience class in the Lantern Festival activity not only showed the unique characteristics of the rubbing technique to the residents, but also showed the delicacy and charm of the three-dimensional full extension based on the traditional full extension.

When it comes to Spring Festival customs, for the older generation, the most unforgettable thing is inevitably the various folk cultures on the temple fair. Dough figurines are one of them.Mr. Li Guoqing, the non-hereditary inheritor of dough figures-level, made the participants feel the unique charm of Chinese intangible cultural heritage and traditional folk culture closely through the on-site demonstration and experiential interaction, and realized the wonderful interaction with folk culture.After li Guoqing’s skilled hands, gently knead, rub, knead, instantly, lifelike artistic image from the hands.”Our Festival — Yuanxiao Activity” tells the story of intangible cultural heritage in a way that the residents enjoy, promotes the sharing and utilization of intangible cultural heritage resources and protection achievements, inherits folk festivals, carries forward traditional culture, and enrichis people’s lives.

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