Industrial Records of Shexian Counties was published and published

2022-04-24 0 By

Hebei News (reporter Chen Hubin, Jia Xuan) recently learned from Shexian, Handan City, “Shixian County Industry Annals” began to compile in 2019, took one and a half years to complete, and was officially published in January this year, with distinctive local characteristics and characteristics of The Times.According to reports, the compilation of “Shexian Industry Annals” records the development history of shexian industry in detail, and also summarizes the historical experience of shexian industrial development in the past two thousand years.Open “Shexian Industry annals”, a picture, a person, a section of history to show in front of the old area, showing the whole process of industrial civilization development.The book records the history and current situation of Shexian’s industrial development from the Warring States Period to 2019, and details the stories of more than 400 politicians and entrepreneurs who made outstanding contributions to shexian’s industrial development, as well as their stories of leading the people of Shexian to self-reliance and hard work.”She county industrial journal editor FanChun floor, born in 1954, as she county first school, in 2003, borrowing the county compiled the collation of she county of the republic of China in the Ming and qing dynasties dynasty”, and then compiled published “she county local Chronicles,” “she county first school,” “she county finance”, “she county hair change log” and 18 “she county village volunteers” and so on.Pay attention to Hebei news network for the latest news in Hebei.