A new force emerges in Serie A?Viola have bought three strikers in a row as they aim to reach the champions league

2022-04-24 0 By

With less than a week to go until the end of the winter window, teams are making up for it.Serie A side Fiorentina have been the big mover of the season, having already brought in former Milan striker Michael Piyantek on loan from Hertha Berlin with a 15 million euro buyout clause, and Gianfranco Icone from Lille in a 14 million euro deal.Piyantek made his name in Genoa and had a good second half season with Milan, but with his own characteristics, technical style was discovered, Piyantek’s performance at Milan quickly fell, and was subsequently sold to Hertha Berlin.In Hertha Berlin, piyantek did not find the same scoring efficiency as in Genoa.Piyantek made his debut and scored his first goal back in the Apennine Peninsula.Icone has been a regular in lille in the past and his pace and dribbling on the wings will be vital to viola’s ability to break through the opposition defence.In addition to the two strikers, viola also spied another striker, effectiveness of Basel in Switzerland league card card, according to the news of the names are written Romano, viola has like Basel puts forward a 14 million + 2 million floating the terms of the offer, of score card has a good efficiency, three seasons in Basel 3 years, season, respectively:18, 20, 19, and has been linked with Newcastle, Barcelona and the like.The viola are making such a big move, completely because the team’s main center vlahovic is leaving the team, he is almost certain to join Juve for 67 million euros +8 million euros, the departure of the main center makes the Viola must strengthen the squad again.Fiorentina have had a good season and are currently seventh in Serie A, seven points away from a Champions League place, with Atalanta, Juve, roma and lazio all vying for a place.Viola’s string of signings indicate that their goal is not just to “muddle through”, but to qualify for the Champions League, the second half of the season in Serie A, the battle for a place in the Champions League, must be more fierce.