The person passes 50, often appear 2 performance, do not be at ease on, need to fall blood fat in time

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High blood fat, has become a common problem, the number of people suffering from this disease is increasing every year, although has been emphasizing the dangers of high blood fat, but there are still many people do not mind, just know that the population of the disease only increases, only pay attention to, can reduce the incidence of disease, but also can reduce the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.But the truth is always the opposite, most people’s way of life there are problems, under the bad way of life, bear the pressure vessels, as well as the damage is more and more big, eventually leading to vascular wall, harden and high cholesterol problems will arise, if after the found to hyperlipidemia, also will not be able to pay attention to, so, centrifugal cerebrovascular diseases are closer.For the increased incidence of hyperlipidemia, some people are still more concerned about, will pay attention to their own blood lipid indicators, but also pay attention to their own body changes, because when the high blood lipid, the body will appear abnormal, timely attention and timely lowering blood lipid, to the body will not be too much damage.Some people ask: abnormal blood lipid levels, control to how much is normal?There is no standard answer, because each person’s situation is different, the reasonable level will be different, and to achieve the reasonable level, we should not only look at the level of blood lipid, but also the risk level of cardiovascular accidents, so as to reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases as much as possible.The risk level of cardiovascular accidents can be divided into three grades, namely low medium risk, high risk and extremely high risk. The blood lipid level of low medium risk should be controlled within 3.4mmol/L, while that of high risk should be less than 2.6mmol/L, and that of extremely high risk should be controlled within 1.8mmol/L.You can check yourself to see which grade you belong to and reduce fat according to the grade. Do not let your blood lipid level exceed too much, otherwise the risk of cardiovascular disease will be much higher and the threat to life will be greater.When blood fat is high, what kind of expression can the body have again?If you notice that you have a lot of small yellow rashes on your skin over a period of time, it starts out as an orange-yellow rash, but as it progresses, it becomes more and more yellowish-brown.Many people in such a phenomenon, will not be regarded as the performance of high blood lipid, it is easy to confuse with skin disease.There will be such a performance, in fact, it is normal, mainly because the oil in the body is more, can not be metabolized in time, will penetrate into the skin, blocked hair follicles, oil secretion will be more, the skin will naturally become oil, resulting in yellow small rash.2. Leg abnormalities Lower limbs belong to the end of the blood supply, when the blood vessel problems, the legs are prone to abnormal reactions.When the blood vessels are seriously blocked, the blood supply and oxygen supply of the legs are problematic, there will be a series of manifestations, mainly there will be numbness in the legs, and the temperature of the legs is relatively low, and it will be cool to the touch.High blood lipids are more severe, and there will even be leg pain, abnormal walking and other problems. There are also some patients with high blood lipids, who have leg tissue necrosis and leg ulcers. If they do not want to be severe with high blood lipids, they should reduce blood lipids in time when the legs are cold and numb.Extend extend: is blood fat elevation meat to eat much?Not necessarily, there are many kinds of meat, can not be killed in one stroke, and eating meat and elevated blood lipids is not an inevitable relationship, can only say that elevated blood lipids are related to eating more meat, can not be completely sure, easy to raise blood lipids of meat, mostly containing oil, cholesterol is high, intake of large circumstances, blood lipids will then become high.Under normal circumstances, red meat, fat meat, fried meat, these kinds of meat eat a lot, it is easy to raise blood lipids, in addition, increased blood lipids are also related to cholesterol intake too much, if the cholesterol index is also high, blood lipids will become high, carbohydrate intake will also increase blood lipids.If eat meat at ordinary times, belong to white meat, fat and not high cholesterol, blood fat is not easy to rise, such as lean meat, poultry, fish, not only will not increase blood fat, also is good for blood vessel, because the meat contains unsaturated fatty acid, are beneficial to the cardiovascular, can reduce the incidence of cardiovascular, blood fat is not easy to rise.Elevated blood lipids are not a problem to be ignored. It is important to know that elevated blood lipids are very harmful. Once cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are triggered, it will have a great impact on life expectancy, especially when acute cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems occur.Therefore, if the above two manifestations occur in daily life, do not let it go, it is the body to remind you, tell you to reduce blood lipid in time, otherwise blood vessel damage will be more serious.1. “Blood fat is elevated is eating too much meat?”High blood lipids, Four Tetralogy of Lower Limb Diseases” · Health Times ·2012.9.133. “Skin yellow rash is high blood lipids” · Health Times ·2013.11.284. “How much is normal blood lipids controlled? Different people have different standards!”· Health ·2021.7.30