Super sweet words for you

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Be present in someone else’s life like a gift.1. You want to get up with summer, please listen to the day push in my headphones, go to the seaside to eat kebab and drink beer, and then greedy, next summer can also accompany me.2. Wearing a new dress to see you, I walked too slowly to sweep a bike.Riding fast skirt will be blown up, riding slow and see you for a while, this urgent and contradictory psychology, printed in summer.Cool evening breeze, evening glow, steaming hot pot, warm milk tea, there are many beautiful things in the world, you have to believe that you deserve all the beautiful things in the world.4. My contact with God is sweet but bitter.5. The wilderness is the kiss of the spring sunshine.The cooling temperature of soda is a summer adventure.7. Laugh out loud and you won’t be so scared.8. Missed the sunset, there will be stars all over the sky.9. Go see the person you want to see while the sun is right, the breeze is not dry, flowers are not yet bloomed, while you are young.10 in this world, the good and bad can come from the same people, adults, pick up on yourself useful to listen to good.11 you are my eyes stars and rivers, but also my lovely.13. The morning wind is cool, with the taste of dew, hiding the hope of dawn, with the dream of the sun.14. I burned a star to say goodbye.15 forgot to tell you before, love is you, now think of, love is you.16. Don’t look back. Follow the light.Not busy, you say, I’m listening.18 because like, can be difficult.19. If you live seriously, you can find the candy hidden in life.”Where the flowers of love bloom, life can be thriving” 21 people always have to experience some things to grow all the truth if not their own understanding of who told you are useless life should have detours the same will not be less 22.Love in secret is a polite way to build a castle in secret.25. I have been in the rain, so I always want to hold an umbrella for others.”Now that you have made your choice, it is better to assume that you are right. It is enough to experience either anxiety about the future or regret about the past.”Your conscience doesn’t tell you that your tricks shouldn’t be used on me. 28. We may not win everything, but we can do our best.Everyone has their own way to go, so no matter what reasons fade away later, it doesn’t matter. Thank you for making me happy, you are my blessingTime will leave the best for you behind. After all, love is a gust of wind while love is a long stream.32. I heard that the orange sky is the star getting married.33. You bought a bottle of water and I took it, too, because I wasn’t thirsty.34 single girls don’t worry, maybe God’s heart is, I want to leave a special person for this girl.